McFarland EC-5 Elementary Express

October 2015

Grades EC-5 - October, 2015 At-A-Glance

October 2 - Homecoming / Blue and White Day

October 2 - 4th Grade Old World Wisconsin Field Trip

October 4-10- Fire prevention week

October 5 - Kindergarten Fire Station Field Trips

October 5 - 3rd and 4th Grade Field Trip to Barnes and Noble

  • 3rd Grade Mrs. Eckel and Ms. Wipperfurth classes

leaving at 8:10am and returning at 10:40am

  • 4th Grade Mrs. Lawler and Mr. Krueger classes

leaving at 12:00pm and returning at 2:30pm

October 7 - McFarland Fire Department Open House 6-8pm

October 8 - Fall Open House for Kindergarten, 6:00-6:30pm

October 8 - Waubesa Intermediate School Dancing Drum, school day workshops and Family Drum Night at 6:30pm

October 9 - 3rd and 4th Grade Field Trip to Barnes and Noble

  • 3rd Grade Mrs. Beam and Mrs. Hisgen classes

leaving at 8:10am and returning at 10:40am

  • 4th Grade Mrs. Chapman and Ms. Hanneman classes

leaving at 12:00pm and returning at 2:30pm

October 13 - 4K Parents - Love and Logic Mini Class, 6:30-7:30pm, MHS Library

October 14 - 5th Grade Field Trip to Barnes and Noble

  • 5th Grade Mr. Grenzow and Ms. Eversoll classes

leaving at 8:10am and returning at 10:40am

October 15 & 16 - Kindergarten field trip to Pumpkin Patch

October 16 - 4th Grade Taste of Wisconsin, UW Marching Band to perform

October 19 - 5th Grade Field Trip to Barnes and Noble

  • 5th Grade Ms. Butorac and Mrs. Wilson classes

leaving at 8:10am and returning at 10:40am

October 19-23 - National School Bus Safety Week

October 21 - EC field trip to Pumpkin Patch

October 22 - 3rd Grade Welcome to Waubesa Open House 6:30-7:30pm

October 23 - 4K-5th Grade PTO Family Movie Night @ WIS SHOWING: Hotel Transylvania

October 26 - Pro Kids Family Night at 6:30pm located in the Waubesa Gym

October 27 - Orange and Black Day @ Elementary Campus

October 29 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher work day

October 30 - NO SCHOOL - Conference release day

Upcoming November dates to be thinking about...

November 2-6 - Conference Week: Elementary Campus and Waubesa

November 2-6 - Book Fair at Waubesa

November 5 - Related Arts Conference Night for CEELC/Primary and WIS Schools

Emergency Contact Numbers

Please be sure the school office has up-to-date contact phone numbers, including emergency contact numbers. In case of an emergency, time is of the essence and having accurate numbers is vital.

Lunch Menu

Did you know that you can now sign up to receive the lunch menu via email and download a FREE app for your phone? Click on the links below for your child's campus to view the lunch menu, sign up for emails and download your FREE app.

CEELC & Primary News

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District/Building Information

Principal: Sarah Boatman

For the latest information about our schools, including upcoming important dates, simply go into the district web page at and link into the Elementary Campus site.

Welcome to the start of the 2015-16 school year! I hope your family has had a smooth transition into the school year. We are so excited to have all of those smiling faces with us!

It was wonderful to see you at the ice cream social and at our district picture day. We are really excited about these events in our district. We want to continue to make our events as family friendly as possible.

The staff on the elementary campus has been working hard to help your child practice positive expectations in all of the areas of our building. Students have practiced the positive expectations at recess, in the classroom, in the lunchroom, in the bathroom, and on the bus. Students work hard to earn individual Spartan Stars. When a child earns a Spartan Star they put it in the Spartan Star container in their classroom. We draw names for each grade level on Friday and the Spartan Stars that are drawn come to the office for a picture and a special reward. Each class is working on earning 10 class Spartan Stars. These Spartan Stars are given to a whole class when they are following positive expectations. We have had several classes already earn all 10!

We want to work collaboratively with you to help your child learn and grow. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about your child. We want your child to feel safe and loved on our campus.

Happy October!

Sarah Boatman


CEELC / Primary Campus

Current CEELC/Primary Census

4K Total Students: 125

Kindergarten Total Students: 165

1st Grade Total Students: 153

2nd Grade Total Students: 168

New Elementary Staff:

Bonnie Tuttle - Art Teacher

Carolyn Schauff - Special Education Teacher

Liz Gierczak - Special Education Teacher

Summer Davis - Special Education Assistant

Judith Castilo - Special Education Assistant

Melissa Sabatke - Special Education Assistant

Chelsey Hunt - Long Term Sub for Heidi Knapp (1st Semester)

Monet Schardt - EC Student Teacher with Karen Hanson

Erikka Furseth - Special Ed/1st Grade Student Teacher

with Shannon Prosch & Karin Mandli

Kristen Pfister - 2nd Grade Student Teacher with Kathi Adams

Katrina Gray -1st Grade Student Teacher with Mary Jo Froden

Change in Position:

Gwynette Hall - Library Media Specialist

Jody Kilpatrick - Library Assistant

Greg Nelson - Teacher on Special Assignment

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Thank you to the McFarland Lion's Club for sponsoring the 3rd Annual Fill-the-Bus campaign back in August. Due to the efforts of the entire community and organization from members of the Lion's Club, we have been able to distribute countless school supplies to students in need. As each year passes more and more families find it challenging to purchase basic school supplies. We have been able to establish a small surplus of basic school supplies to distribute to students in need throughout the year.

Spartan Stars

Students on the Elementary Campus continue to demonstrate what it means to be a “Spartan Star”. As students participate in activities and curriculum across the different learning communities including the classroom, cafeteria, playground, halls, bus, bathrooms, etc. students are learning what they are expected to do to BE SAFE, BE KIND, and BE RESPONSIBLE.

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The Latest "Buzz"

The 2015-16 "Buzz Book" will be available in late October through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. To access the Buzz Book, log into Infinite Campus and click the "Buzz Book" link. Printed copies of the 2015-16 Buzz Book will be available in the Early Learning and MPS school offices for $5.00 in late October.

No Biking Zone

As Spartan Stars, we expect children to be Safe, Kind and Responsible. To achieve that, students who ride their bikes to and from school are expected to walk their bikes when on school sidewalks, they can park their bikes in the bike racks.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Traffic Loops

  • Vehicles are not to be left unattended in the drop-off/pick-up zones.

  • Students should be prepared to exit the vehicle when the vehicle stops in the drop-off/pick-up zones.

  • Students should exit and enter vehicles on the right-side of the vehicle which is curbside.

  • Parents who wish to park their vehicle should do so in the visitor parking stalls and escort their child to and from their vehicle across the traffic lane.

  • Visitors are not allowed to park in the parking lot located between the two buildings. Parking in this area is reserved for Staff only and helps sustain the Safe Walking Zone for children as they cross that parking lot in the AM or PM.

  • Traffic in the drop-off/pick-up zones is expected to keep moving in an orderly and timely fashion.

  • Some parents prefer not to use the drop-off/pick-up zones due to the heavy traffic congestion at times.

  • Parents have identified a different location in which to drop-off or pick-up their child that is further away from school grounds such as the village hall, public library, neighborhood streets. Remember, there are crossing guards at several intersections to better assure safe pedestrian passage.

  • Be vigilant for pedestrians on the Elementary Campus. Nearly all our pedestrians are short in height, easily distracted by things, and not fully aware of their surroundings as we adults should be.

  • Lastly, if you wish to minimize your involvement with the traffic congestion, consider setting up a car pool with neighbors or having your child ride the school bus.

Halloween Costumes

EARLY CHILDHOOD: Students invited to bring a costume Wednesday, October 28.

Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade: Wearing of costumes is NOT allowed.

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Mikayla’s Mittens

As the weather grows cooler, it’s no secret winter will be here soon! Mike & Melissa Terrill would like to celebrate the life of their daughter, Mikayla, who would have attended Kindergarten this year.

We would like to remember Mikayla this year by warming up little hands that are without mittens. Children who need a pair may visit the special box in the office and select a pair to wear & keep. If you would like to donate new or gently used mittens, just send them to the CE office to be placed in Mikayla’s Mitten box.

A foundation named Mikayla’s Grace has been established to support families with a baby in the NICU (neonatal ICU) and those who experience the death of an infant at hospitals in Wisconsin by providing NICU care packages and angel memory boxes that offer both practical and emotional support for the parents. Please visit their website for more information and ways to help this special cause.

Waubesa News

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District/Building Information

Principal: Sue Murphy

For the latest information about our schools, including upcoming important dates, simply go into the district web page at and link into the WIS site.

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

It is amazing how quickly we get right into the school year routine. We are looking to have another great year and look for your support in making this happen.

The Waubesa staff is working very hard to promote a love of reading with our students.

We want reading to be seen as something that is fun to do. As families, you can help support this initiative by setting aside time for your child to read at home each night and model reading for them. Some students may enjoy reading fiction books, some nonfiction books, while others may prefer newspapers or magazines. What they choose to read is less important than the fact that they are reading and see it as a fun pastime.

The staff at each grade level is working on consistency related to students recording their homework in their assignment notebooks and with the amount of homework assigned each day. Third graders should have on average, about 30 minutes of homework, fourth graders 40 minutes, and fifth graders 50 minutes. You can also help by checking in with your child about homework.

This month we will have our first buddy activity. Each homeroom is paired with another homeroom at a different grade level. Throughout the year these two homerooms will meet and participate in activities that promote a positive school culture. We discuss ways for students to be leaders and prevent bullying from occurring in our school. The students also learn about ways they can make a difference in their classroom, the school, and the community. Our focus in the community this year will be ways to help the McFarland Food Pantry. More information will be coming your way about this initiative.

Thanks for all your help in making the start of the year a success!

Sue Murphy


Waubesa Intermediate School

Waubesa Word

Visit our Waubesa Word You Tube channel weekly to hear the latest school announcements! Your children watch these videos on Monday mornings.

Current WIS Census

3rd Grade Total Students: 173

4th Grade Total Students: 176

5th Grade Total Students: 177

New Waubesa Staff

Libby Rowley - 3rd Grade Teacher

Carissa Wipperfurth - 3rd Grade Teacher

Jaime Hanneman - 4th Grade Teacher

Brooke Ecker - 4th Grade Educational Assistant

Emily Butorac - 5th Grade Teacher

Kaitlynn Eversoll - 5th Grade Teacher

Emily O'Brien - Special Education Aide

Tamera Kavanaugh - Special Education Aide

Becky Kay - Special Education Aide

Brittany Foust - Special Education Aide

Chelsea Mairet - Special Education Student Teacher with Lisa Foreman

Ross Kaufman - Special Education Student Teacher with Sara Kademan

Change in Position:

Ronelle Jordan -Reading Teacher

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Parking Lots

Red Oak Trail Lot: Pick-Up and Drop Off Only

When dropping off or picking up children at Waubesa, PLEASE USE THE DRIVE-THRU PARKING LOT OFF OF RED OAK TRAIL. This drop-off area has been expanded for your convenience and the safety of students. Simply pull over near the front of the yellow zone, let your child safely exit on the passenger side and leave. There’s no need to wait for the car ahead.

Leanne Lane Lot: Buses and Daycare Vans Only

Please do not use the Leanne Lane parking lot for drive-thru drop-off or pick-up of students. This parking lot is for buses, daycare vans, and all those who need to park and enter the school with their student(s).

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Due to the presence of food allergies in our student population, all class rooms at Waubesa Intermediate School will be observing a nut free environment. Some homerooms may have other food restrictions.
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Waubesa School offers breakfast daily starting at 7:15 am. Students who are having breakfast may enter the building and report to the commons as soon as they arrive. Students who arrive just as the bell rings for the start of school may also pick up breakfast and they may take breakfast items to their homeroom.

The cost of breakfast is $1.75.

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School Attendance

** 7:47am First Bell

** 7:55am Tardy Bell

** 2:50pm Dismissal

Our school day begins at 7:47 am with a bell tone. A second tardy bell will sound at 7:55 am. Students arriving after this bell will be marked tardy that day. Please have your student(s) to school by 7:45 so they are able to be on time to their classroom.

Adult supervision is available on our playground starting at 7:30 am. If it is raining when they arrive, students may enter the building and either play in the gym or watch a video in the commons until the 7:47 bell rings.

Will your child be absent?

Please contact Arlene Bast at 838-7667 prior to 7:55 if your child will not be in attendance on any given day.

After School

Students should immediately go home after school unless they are in a supervised club activity, our after school program, or homework club. It is our expectation that all other students be picked up by at least 3:00. We have had some problems with students not leaving right away after school.

Student Assessments:

Our students are just completing their MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment in math and reading. They have also completed a one on one reading running record. This assessment helps teachers to know the students reading level, so they can prepare instruction for them. Students have also taken an on-demand writing assessment on narrative writing. Teachers have scored the assessment and will also use this information in their planning for writing instruction.

At conference time, teachers will discuss the strengths of your child and areas where your child can work on improvements. Teachers use all of the information they receive on these assessments as well as their observations in class based on student daily work and tests.

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Reminder: Secure Entrance

Each day at 7:55am all of our school doors lock. Students and visitors who enter after 7:55am, must go through the office. To enter the office, visitors and students must press the "Buzzer" and then when buzzed in visitors must show some form of identification, sign in on our visitor list, and then attach a visitor sticker before entering school. We love having family members visit our school! These steps are in place to help ensure the safety of our children.
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Thank you to the PTO for your continued support. Our school recently purchased several sets of lego robotics for classroom use. We are also planning a field trip for all students to visit Barnes and Noble to help select books for our classroom libraries.
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Waubesa POWER! (Pride, Ownership, We Take Action, Empathy, Respect)

You may have noticed your son or daughter coming home with a Waubesa Power stamp in their assignment notebook. As part of our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Program, we are recognizing students who display the positive behaviors we expect at school. Some students even go above and beyond expectations. Each time a students earns a POWER strip if will be connected with those of other students and displayed in the school.
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Thursday,October 8, 2015

Dancing Drum, a group of professional drummers, are coming to Waubesa Intermediate School to drum FOR and WITH all Waubesa students! Each student will have an hour of time with the drummers and their drums during the school day.

In the evening Waubesa students and their families are encouraged to return to school at 6:30pm for another hour of drum fun! The title of the presentations is ‘Drumming Up Character’ and a lively and musical time is guaranteed for all!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Waubesa Intermediate School THIRD GRADERS and their families are invited to come to school in the evening for our annual Fall Open House. Art work, musical selections, related arts and grade level teachers and homeroom viewing/opportunities will all be included in the evening. Exact times coming your way soon! For advance planners reserve time between 6:30 and 7:30 that evening for the event.
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Monday, October 26, 2015

During the school day on October 26 Tim Hannig will captivate our students and teach them important messages about respect, positive attitudes, cooperation and other important character traits.

During the evening we invite you as a family to come and enjoy Tim's presentation. Through a fast-paced, entertaining one-man show with custom music, amazing illusions, hilarious comedy, ventriloquism, drama and audience involvement Tim will present his family version of THE PRO-KIDS SHOW that is ALL-NEW and completely different from the days assemblies.

Tim Hannig's Pro-Kids Show is more than just entertainment. It has a message for students and families, revealed with wit and warmth. Throughout the unique program, the audience will be reminded of the importance of character traits like honesty, respect, cooperation and responsibility. The programs have been seen by more than 2.6 million people throughout the country. For more information on Tim Hannig's Pro-Kids Show visit his website by clicking on the link!

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Bowls for Hunger

Enjoy a festive community event at Bowls for Hunger. The evening is filled with art, music, food and conversation. With your donation you will receive a ceramic bowl and dinner which includes your choice of soup along with a side salad and a dinner roll. Drinks will also be provided. Cost: $11 or $10 with a canned good. All proceeds will be donated to the McFarland Food Pantry!

Monday, November 23, 2015

5:00pm - 7:00pm

McFarland High School


Bowls created by K-12 students, staff and community volunteers.

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From Health Services:

Well Child Screenings: New Recommendations:

  • Two important screenings to be aware of during well child visits recently recommended by US physicians:

  • Depression : Screen at ages 11 through 21. If depression appears to be of concern, parents can ask their child’s physician to assess if it is severe enough to make a referral to a clinical social worker or psychologist for evaluation and treatment. Sometimes, a physician may prescribe medication.

    For parents with children that have depression and/or suicidal thinking: If firearms are in the home. "You should remove them to someone else's home/safe location away from home”. It is not recommended to lock them up, or separate ammunition from them.

    Cholesterol: Screening at ages 9 through 17. Due to higher obesity rates in our nation’s children, physicians recommend a cholesterol screening (blood test) to be done between these ages. If elevated, recommendations for treatment may include eating healthier, and getting more exercise, rather than the use of medication.

    Medication Resources for Uninsured Individuals:

  1. Partnership of Prescription Assistance-

  2. Needy Meds-

New Program for Epi-Pen savings:

Parents/Families can save on co-pay costs associated with the purchase of Epi-pens.


Drop off sites in Dane County for leftover, unused, or expired medicine.

Local site for McFarland is the Police Department. Call 608-441-3060 for other area locations.

Feel free to contact Health Services at your child’s school for any questions, or District Nurse at 838-4500, ext. 4761.

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The following flyers are NOT school-sponsored activities and the McFarland School District does not provide support or endorsement of the program/flyer. It has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, or activities announced in the brochure/flyer. Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the School District.
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