The Research Process

Teaching the Ten Steps to a Better Web Research

Step 1

Where to research?

List 10 sources

Use more than only online materials

Step 3

Dig deep for the information

Read deeper than the first page

Don't let the search engine do the research for you

Step 5

Make search engines work for you

Know when to use question marks

Use AND and OR in your search

Use advanced searches when possible

Tip: When searching John Adams and the Constitution

Search in the format of "John Adams" AROUND (10) "Constitution"

By putting your key words in quotations marks, capitalizing the word "around" and putting a number (10) in parenthesis, this allows you to search the top resources that has a maximum of 10 words using the key words in quotations marks first.

If you can't find the correct information, add more detailed/broad keywords

Step 7

Find primary sources

Photos, diaries, newspapers, actual documents

Look at the original sources

Step 9

Why was the article written?

Are they trying to sell you something?

Are there any biases?