Wildcat Newsletter

April 2016

Note from Assistant Principal

Dear Parents,

Your child's education is very important to us. Your child needs to be in class every day to receive the best possible education. Texas law requires that a student be in attendance 90% of the school year as written in our LISD Policy per Texas Education Code.

Therefore, by law, a student kindergarten-5th grade can be absent only a total of 18 days of the school year, or the student may be at risk of retention or possible legal action. Elementary students who have missed more than 18 days, excused or unexcused, will be required to make-up school hours.

If it is necessary for your child to be absent, please send in a dated and signed note explaining the reason for the absence within 2 days to the office. Absences without a note will be counted as unexcused. Please contact your child's teacher as soon as possible to coordinate home and school efforts to complete work. Thank you for making sure that your child gets to school on time each day.


Christy Hilbun

Assistant Principal


Parent Input Forms

If you would like to give input regarding your child’s placement for next year, please complete the online form on our website “Parent Input Form 1st-5th” or come by the office from May 2nd-13th. This will be the only time that we accept these parent input forms.

We will consider your information along with other factors such as; balancing the classes, student personalities and special class needs (Quest, ESL, Dyslexia, etc.) when deciding class placement. Information concerning your child’s personality and learning styles are requested on the form as well. We thank you in advance for your input!

Whitestone Elementary

Due to the requirements of our state testing, we ask that parents do not eat lunch with their student(s) and/or volunteer on these testing days (May 9th, 10th and 11th). Thank you!

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