Water Quality

PSA Project

Why is water quality important?

water quality is important? water quality is important because we need water in our everyday life. water helps support our health and well being. if we were to have poor water quality, this could make extreme changes of our lives, witch could lead to possible deaths or deformities.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMyCcWECbNE

How does your focus,"Out the Spout" or "Down the Drain" affect water quality?

Out the Spout or Down the Drain.It reduces sewer flow are to buildup of organic in pipe work.Toxic shock free flow bacteria quickly restore treatment plants to full activity following toxic shock from high loadings or difficult to digest waste.


Give specific examples of how water quality can be affected.

Water quality can be affected by agriculture,urban and industrial use and recreation.Practices are necessary to meet domestic water quality/ standards and provide ecosystem health.Also runoff from areas.Pollution from intensive agriculture,large towns,industry and recreation areas increases.

Give specific recommendations or solutions to the problem of water quality.

Water quality is very important to our ecosystem.Some ways we can solve the problem with water quality by first of all saving water.We can also reduce our use of plastic because the growing impact of plastic pollution in the ocean will end in a disaster.And another huge one is to stop the use of fertilizer and pesticide pollution on the earth.If we do these simple things and some others found on this website we can all help same the earth.