Pappy Joe

Jesse Halyburton

When this event happend

My grandpa had been switched from the hospital to a nursing home two weeks before Christmas.

Story's about my grandpa

My family and relatives gathered around my grandpa’s bed that night, and we were all trying to get him to talk to us, but he could not speak anymore due to his esophagus cancer. She was telling us story’s about my grandpa that he wanted us to know before he passed.

We all sat in the seats around his bed, when my grandma announced at 12:39am, that ‘He’s gone now’

We all jumped up in shock

No one realized that he had passed, but somehow, my grandma did. We all had to step out of the room, for my grandma to say goodbye to him.

Saying our goodbye's

After she was finished, we all went and told our goodbye’s to him individually. My two sisters and I waited in the lobby for everyone to get finished telling my grandpa goodbye.

Passing time

When my cousin Katie got finished, she went into the lobby with my grandma to meet up with us. To pass time, she got out Uno for us to play.

Grandma's last words

She was not sad that my grandpa had passed away; so on the way home, she told us something we will not forget

‘I am going to miss him very much, but I am very happy that he is done suffering’.

overcoming it

This was hard to overcome because me and my grandpa did everything together. I went to his house everyday after school for 5 years, and the best thing i remember about him, was he was the one who taught me how to play baseball.