The Touch Series

What if you were being stalked??


Creepy threatening notes, pictures you get of you taken from afar, and random presents? Thats what happened to Camellia once she met this boy named Ben. The Touch Series is all about Camellia trying to figure out all this werid stuff going on in her town. Ben saved herlife one day when Camellia almost got hit by a car. Ever since Ben was always there to save her, and one day Camellia got a picture of her in a big envelope. After that she gets many threating notes, pictures, and random presents. Its become a big investagation to figure out who this stalker is. Now you have to read to find that out.

What inspired her to write this series

Laurie was inspired to write this series because she has always wanted to write about a young girl that falls inlove with someone and that love might actually be dangerous. She wanted to bring her conecpt from her three other books to another level.

Laurie's writing style

Laurie's writing style is fiction, but when you read the book it feels like its real. You feel like your watching the whole thing happen in your head. Most of her genres are fiction.

About The Author

Laura Faria Stolarz grew up in Salem MA, and attended a college called Merimack College. She graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College in Boston.

Laurie Faria Stolarz

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