Maria Luisa Cortes Martir

Rose Lover

One Young and Tough Women

My mom was born in El Salvador. She was rasised San Besente. She is 33 yoears old. My mom when she was small she went through harsh and injustice times. She went through poverty. She would have to work all day and eat the same thing every day. When my mom had my brother and I was in here sotomch she walk through desserts to get here. She suffered going through the deserts and walking and sleeping under the rain. Now my mom lives happy and she try's hard to learn English, she enjoys it. Now she spend her time plating roses, and learning English.

A lesson She learned

A Rain and Rivers don't go together very well

One rainy day my 11 year old mother went to go pick up some crops with her aunt and siblings. They had to cross a river that everyone fears. Like it was raining the river grew bigger and bigger. That was the only way to go home, so they had to cross the fearing river.

So as the started walking the river water was at there hips. They were slipping and they were maybe around the middle and they turned back and thought of taking the long walk. They all talked about it when they got home and they NEVER went across the river again when it was raining.

Gaby Martir

Block 5/6