All About Me

* 13 years old

* Plays sports

* Loves the Green Bay Packers

* Favorite Color: Green

* Birthday: November 27th

Extrovert and Introvert

56% extrovert

44% introvert

17% emotional intelligence

23% leadership

23% management skills

19% contact abilities

16% intellectual performance


Inspiration 40% 59% Family

Ideas 46% 53% Relations

Will Power 52% 47% Sensibility

My Birthday

Saturday, Nov. 27th 1999 at 2am

Winona, MN

Winona, MN


I play a lot of sports. I play football, baseball, and basketball. I love to play all three of them. I live in Portage, WI so I am a Portage Warrior. My favorite sport of the three is football. Then my second favorite is baseball. Then finally, is basketball. My favorite football team is the Green Bay packers. My favorite baseball team is the Milwaukee Brewers. My favorite basketball team is the Milwaukee Bucks.