Chrispus Attucks Bibliography

By:Christopher Knott

Childhood Influences

Crispus Attucks was born in Framingham in the early 1720s. He was born into slavery but at a very young age he wanted to escape and earn his freedom. At roughly the age of 18 Crispus escaped and went north where slavery was outlawed. He sought his freedom by joining a whaling ship. During his childhood he hated slavery. He heard rumors that the king was a mean and ruthless person. When he did escape he saw just what the king and his loyal soldiers do to the people. He thought that the king was treating his subjects in the colonies as slaves.

Hes a freeman

Crispus Attucks was was "free" for about 29 years before he was shot in the Boston Massacre. As a free man he did not get married nor have a family. He was a sailor for all his life after he got out of slavery. There were newspapers about a slave believed to be him but nobody is for sure. He was a very strong patriot. He got 50 some dockers and sailors to join him at the Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was a huge tragedy in the colonies. 4 men were killed an 6 others were wounded. A group of a round 50 angered colonist descended on 6-8 British soldiers. the colonist threw rocks and just about anything they could find at the soldiers. The officer in command ordered his soldiers not to fire on the crowd but in the midst of chaos they fired. They hit Crispus Attucks with 2 bullets to the chest. He died instantly along with 3 other men. There was a trial for the men and 2 of them were charged with manslaughter and the rest the charges were dropped.

Crispus Attucks and the Revolution

Although Crispus was not in the Revolution many remember him as the first casualty. He was a strong supporter for the revolution and independence from Britain but got shot by British soldiers before the war. However he was named the First to defy the first to die. Many people were inspired by him to fight. Although he did not know but he inspired many African Americans to join the war that would win America its independence.