Shia Islam

By Brendon, Layton, and Sam

The 5 W's

Who: Muhammad

What: The Shia believe that the Imam (leader) is sinless in nature and is appointed by God.

Where: Shia Islam originated from the Middle East.

When:After Muhammad's death in 632.

Why: After Muhammad died in 632, Islam split into two different groups, the Sunni and the Shiite (Shia). The Sunni wanted the next ruler to be part of the public and the Shia wanted it to be Muhammad's son, Ali bin Abu Taliban. Because the Sunni made up the majority they overruled the Shia's decision.

Places Practiced

The main places where Shia Islam is practiced is in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Bahrain.


Shia Islam was created from the belief in a Prophet named Muhammed. After his death in 632 the people of the religion started to argue about who the next ruler would be. The side that made up the majority, or the Sunni, wanted the next ruler or Imam (leader) to be someone from the people and wanted to vote like a president. On the other hand, the Shia, or the minority wanted the next Imam to be a successor of Muhammad which was named Ali Bin Abu Taliban. The Sunni of course won but there is still a power struggle between the two groups to this day.

Main Beliefs

The Shia believe in the Imams to be their sinless leaders which have been sent by God to fulfill a divine mission here on earth. There are different sections which differ in their opinions on the Imams and how many of them there actually were and are. These sections are the Twelvers, Ismailis, Arab Alawis, and the Turkish Alewis. The Shia believe these prophets to be divine creates with special attributes and super-natural abilities. The Shia believe that these prophets are divine and all, but they are actually normal people who sin and are imperfect. The Shia believe in two doctrines called the Taqiya which makes up 90% of their religion, and the Quran. The Shia's also believe that their prophets, according to the Taqiya, existed before the earth as light. Except, it inevitably contradicts itself as the Quran says the the PROPHET Muhammad was a normal human being. Shia's believe that the Quran though is not the full and original one and that the 12 Imam who comes, Imam Mahdi, will have the rest of it. The Shia believe that this Imam will come at end times and will be "Prince of vengeance who will kill Sunni Scholars and will resurrect those whom the Shia perceive as their top enemies." Finally, they believe that in order to obtain the afterlife paradise, they must live life in a way that is pleasing to Allah.


1.)Thousands of Shia Muslims commemorate the Day of Ashoura, a day of mourning for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. They meet together in temples and listen to a preacher tell the story of the death of Imam Hussain. When the preacher reaches the point of Hussain's death people inflict pain on themselves with swords and knives.

2.)This ritual is done so brutally that at the end people and places are covered in their blood.

3.)The Shia are so serious about this ritual that they even slit the head of their own child or baby with a knife.

Information on the Shia

1.)Shia Muslims account for approximately 15 percent of the total Muslim population in the world.

2.)There are approximately 120 million Shia Muslims in the world.