Bangladesh War For Independence

By: Hailey Brady p#3

The Wars Beginning

June 13th 1971 A reporter published a news article in the daily UK paper, Writing this article was the worst thing the reporter could of done, Because he wrote this article he and his family was forced into hiding. The reality of this article shocked people every where and brought new knowledge of the Pakistan's suppression of the Bangladesh war.

Deaths and effects of the Bangladesh war

Researchers believe that between 300,000 and 500,000 people died in the Bangladesh war but those numbers could never be confirmed.During the Bangladesh war women were probably the most affected among the rest of the population. During the war women and young girls would be captured/kidnapped and taken to soldier rape camps and were sexually assaulted day by day until the war ended or they killed themselves. Even after the war ended these women were still under stress, Many Bangladesh men refused to take back women who can from rape camps. some women even stayed with the men who did things to them because they were afraid of what there families would say. If they did not stay with their captors they either fled to different states/towns or sadly couldn't handle the trauma and killed themselves.