SP Professional Learning Day

May 7, 2018

Welcome and THANK YOU for being here today!

NORMS of our group

  • start and end on time, clean up after yourself
  • respect and listen to peers
  • be prepared and contribute
  • presume positive intentions

Goals for Today

- Finding your passion. What do you stand for?

- Identify areas where our students are struggling

- The Writing Project

- Intro to the Professional Learning Blog and Twitter

- What's on YOUR mind?

Finding YOUR passion

What is the theme of the 3 movies you chose?

* What do the movies have in common?

* How could this apply to you as a teacher?

* What does this say about your passion?

* Do your students know what you stand for? How can you make sure they do?


* Pick one passion about teaching that is a non-negotiable for you.

* In one minute, "sell" your passion to your partner.

* In 30 seconds, your partner should summarize what you said.

* Switch roles.

Big picture

Where are your students struggling?

* Look at the data - Iowa Tests, CFA's. What areas are low?

* Forget tests, forget grades. What do YOU see happening in your classroom?

* Academic struggles?

* Behavioral struggles?

* What are we going to do about it?

Big picture


Big picture

The Writing Project

* EVERY teacher is a writing teacher???

* What will we focus on?

* How will we ensure accuracy in grading?

* How will we start?

Great ideas! https://twowritingteachers.org/


Professional Learning Blog

* What the heck is a Professional Learning Blog?

* How will I have time for this?

* What am I supposed to do with it?



* Seriously? Social Media?

* Who would I follow?

Try these to start. Look for educators who teach the same subjects/grade levels you're teaching. They will lead you to more and more! Find ideas, learn new things, communicate with people across the world!









Big picture

What's on YOUR mind?

- Write down ONE thing you would like to learn about or possibly implement into your classroom next year.

(This could be: an idea for next year, a challenge you've had this year, something you want to learn more about, something good you saw, a positive lesson you taught, etc.)

- Be ready to share!

Big picture

Showing my appreciation!

In honor of my appreciation for all of the work you do, I invite you to TAKE A BREAK! Choose a time that works for you and I will come in and teach a lesson, so you can take some well deserved down time!