Raoul Wallenberg

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Early life & Education
Raoul was born August 4, 1912 his father had died in his early life and his mother had remarried. But Raoul had been born into one of the most famous families in Sweden the large Wallenberg family. It was a family that contributed to Sweden bankers, diplomats and politicians during several generations in the country.
In 1930 Wallenberg graduated with top grades in Russian and drawing. After his army service he traveled to the US in 1931 to study architecture at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Graduated with top grades in three and a half years and won a University medal most impressive academic record.

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Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat in Natzi-occupied who led an extensive and successful missions to save the lives of nearly 100,000 Hungarian Jews. With authorization from the Swedish government, Wallenberg began distributing certificates of protection issued by the Swedish legation to Jews in Budapest shortly after his arrival in the Hungarian capital. He used WRB and Swedish funds to establish hospitals, nurseries and a soup kitchen, and to designate more than 30 “safe” houses that together formed the core of the "international ghetto" in Budapest. The international ghetto was reserved for Jews and their families holding certificates of protection.

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Carl Lutz, the consul general in the Swiss legation, issued certificates of emigration, placing nearly 50,000 Jews in Budapest under Swiss protection as potential emigrants to Palestine. Giorgio Perlasca posed as a Spanish diplomat. helped him a well.

as for Wallenberg, he was last seen in the company of Soviet officials. He reportedly died in the Soviet prison in 1947. although the year is exact his death still remains unknown.