In the LOOP vol. 18

Important Information


KATHY MURRAY, AMY LANE, & CASSIE BOYD - Season of Nonviolence materials and activities are very appropriate to support a caring school culture. Thank you for your hard work!

Congratulations to KATHY MURRAY, KARRIE MARTIN & JULIET MATTSON - winners of FFE Grants

Ecstatic - Thank you MARY STIRE for completing the vocabulary board

Who would you like to recognize? Send me your Shout-outs to share!


Family Math Night will be Thursday, February 25th.

Family Lit Night will be Wednesday, March 23rd

We would love to have some volunteers for those events so if you are interested/available to help out those nights please send Mrs. Prestel and email.

Thank you for your support!


Be sure to follow the plans the committee put together with your students. The lessons/discussions are perfect for your class meetings.

You will notice the words discussed on the announcements displayed throughout the school, please point them out to your students.


School events planned: Please review the directions on the back of the reading calendar and send home March 1st - Our theme includes the Minions. There are plans for an amazing bulletin board. Deb Gantz set up a challenge with HWE and has a blog ready (see her for details regarding the blog).

Thanks to Kathy Murray and Deb Gantz for their help setting up March is Reading Month activities. BTW - I am thinking about planning a family reading night in April

  • Reading Calendar - students follow the directions on the back of your Minion Reading Calendar and complete the daily reading activities
  • Get ready for a visit from a wonderful Story Teller - dates and times sent who will show you how reading and writing are connected
  • Sky Zone challenge - waiting for our packet to be completed and then have to pick up in Brighton
  • Two Kindergarten Classes are participating in the Oakland County Reads program


I have another white refrigerator to bring to school as soon as possible. I will need help figuring out a design for the lounge to fit the refrigerator. Please let me know if you have ideas, or if you even want to draw out something, that would be helpful. Re-wiring for the refrigerator and microwaves may be necessary.


  • 1st Hosting Principal-2-Principal: Melanie is demonstrating a lesson

  • 1st Michelle at ESC for Teacher Evaluation Meeting 1:00 - 4:00

  • 2nd Principal’s Meeting - Michelle @ ESC 1:00 - 3:00 & 3:30 - 4:30 KALPA Meeting

  • 3rd Mary Jane Schau presentation MSTEP Performance Tasks 7:45-8:45am

  • 3rd Board Meeting 7:00 PM Guest Art and Students Recognized

  • 4th Spring Photos taken in the gym per your scheduled time

  • 4th 4th and 5th grade Champ Luncheon


  • 7th T.E.A.M. w/ 5th grade 9:15-10:00 AM in Cafeteria

  • 7th 4th and 5th grade Champ Luncheon

  • 7th MHG PTA Meeting 7:00 -8:00 PM

  • 7th Display My ART Fundraiser begins

  • 8th Hungry Howie’s Night

  • 8th Parenting Series CD @ Geisler 6:30 -8:30pm

  • 9th CITA Meeting - Michelle @ ESC 1:00 - 3:00

  • 10th Family Math Night 6:00 - 7:30

ONLINE 6 HOUR TRAINING - will be reviewed in the Monday Minute

Review and additional details:

  • The Collaboratorium reminds me of Edmodo - a place to collaborate with one another. Our group name is: WLCSDGuest
  • Modules have quizzes and the final quiz has to have a certain amount correct
  • Follow Modules in order - they are set up like the document Sara and Meagen shared with us. Each Module explains the FIVE Key Strategies of Formative Assessment - that is a bonus!
  • There are videos (easy to miss so look closely)
  • When you click on parts of the Modules, you will notice a box that will show a check mark, it does not mean that you completed the tasks, it just shows you clicked on that part of the Module.
  • I am learning how to accept you in our group
  • Click HERE to get started.


  • ARRIVALS - How do you greet your children?
  • STAFF MEETING/PD - If you missed the meeting, please see me so I can review the information and you can sign-up for one of the PLC Fellowship Teams
  • STUDENT PLAY DAY - I have received letters from students asking for another Play Day. I would like to have a Play Day every marking period. Please let me know if you are interested
  • WHY I TEACH or WHY I MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Please complete your talking bubble and hang outside your room or work area. There are extras in the office. We will be running the photos on our monitor by the end of the month
  • GET YOUR CAFFEINE FIX - Coffee pods sold in the office for $1.00. No IOU's - cash only
  • STUDENT COATS - I had a couple complaints about students coming home with dirty coats due to lunch spills. A kindergartner told her mom she loves school except for wearing her coat at lunch. I am thinking students can take put hats, gloves, mittens, and scarfs in the sleeve of their coat and sit on them. What are your thoughts? This would be K, 1, & 2... I only heard from kindergarten parents. Please respond with your thoughts. Thanks
  • SHOUT-OUTS - Please send me shout-outs
  • CHECK YOUR MAILBOX - Please be sure to check your mailbox everyday for important notes to go home and/or pertinent information. We need to communicate with our families in a timely manner - thank you
  • DISPLAY MY ART FROM ANDREA: Your own children can participate - be sure to grab a form out of Andrea's mailbox.


  • Kindergarten Orientation is March 16th at 6:30
  • Encourage March is Reading Month activities
  • Water for South Sudan (Bruckman's classroom project)
  • Display my ART fundraiser begins on March 7th


Mary Jane Schau: presentation on Performance Tasks for MSTEP on March 3rd 7:45am - 8:45am

Math Message: Please show this to your students and take the Math Pledge. The message fits our vision. Click HERE

Loon Lake Kindergarten Teacher shares her project: Click HERE

Behavior Related to Poverty:

Laughs when disciplined. A way to save face in matriarchal poverty

Intervention: Understand the reason for the behavior. Tell the student three of four other behaviors that would be more appropriate. Remember to reinforce the behaviors you want and that is what you will get more of... it doesn't happen over night.