Ancient Aztec Games

By Tate P.

About Aztec Games

As with any other culture, the Aztecs had many many games and sports. Being a deeply religious people, their games would often have a religious significance. Sometimes they would be based on the people's religious beliefs, other times the game would actually be a part of their religious ritual. People of all classes played betting games while games like Ullamaliztll where moslty played by ruling class people.

The God Of Games

The Aztecs actually had a god of games in there mythology! His name was Macuilxóchitl. The fact that they had a god for games shows you how important games where to them. In Aztec Mythology Macuilxóchitl is depicted as a flower thing and he is the god of art, beauty, and games.
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Patolli was played by commoners and nobles and it was a board game that involved betting on many things such as precious metals plants or even their lives.
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This famous Aztec ball game was only played by the ruling class. You weren't allowed to use your hands or feet, you used your hips, elbows and knees to get the ball through the hoop while never letting it touch the ground! Sometimes its also referred to as tlachti.
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