The man Sammy Davis jr.

The man with many talents

Sammy Davis jr. was the entertainer of his time. He could sing, dance, act, and he was one of the best at each. This is no surprise because he came from a very talented family and was born into the show business.
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A Life Story

Sammy was born on Dec. 8th 1925 in New York City. He was born into an artsy family with his parents being actors and dancers and all, and because of this Sammy started going on stage as young as 3 and later on was in a trio group with his father. He married a Swedish actress in 1960 even though white and black marriage was forbidden in 31 states. They later on a little bay girl and adopted two sons. He also got a divorce and remarried a dancer and had a happy life with her.

Accomplished peson

Sammy Davis Jr. was a very accomplished person but one of the things he will always be remembered for is having many talents and being very good at every single one of them. He also added a whole lot of joy into whatever he did which made the audience feel that joy. He was in the Rat Pack movies acting and was very famous on Broadway. He was also very famous in Broadway when he decided to go solo and released 2 new albums which made him a head liner in Vegas and New York.

Another huge thing that Sammy did was fight for black rights so he would even march in every civil rights march and even marched with Martin Luther King Jr. He also refused to play in many places that practiced segregation but he was in such high demand that he made a lot of places change how they did business.

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Sammy Davis was a very influential man. He showed people to fight for what they believed in like how he fought for civil rights and made a big impact on that even making people change how they even did business. He also did this and showed this when he married a white Swedish actress in 1960. He also taught many people to not just stick to one thing and to just venture out. He showed this by having multiple talents and being good at every single one.

The Man With Many Talents

Sammy Davis was a legend and always will be. Sammy died in May 16th 1990 in Beverly Hills Cali. This was because he was a life long smoker and died because of lung cancer. Overall Sammy Davis Jr. was a very talented man with many talents and maybe one of the most talented men in history. He was very influential and accomplished many things and showed people a lot of great things. He also changed the show business forever.
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