Vote For The Columbian Exchange

By: Jaslynn Dunbar

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What is the Columbian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange is when the Europeans and Native Americans exchanged (traded) food,plants, diseases,and animals.

What were some positives of the Columbian Exchange?

During the Columbian Exchange there were some positives and negatives.Some positive results were FOOD INCREASE during the Columbian Exchange there was a lot of food exchanged between Europeans and Native Americans.Both Europeans and Americans went home with a lot to eat and will add some of those items to their traditions.Another positive was ANIMALS the Europeans introduced horses to the Native Americans and the Americans did use them for hunting.Another positive is that WITHOUT the Columbian we would not have most of the food and animals we have now.

What were some negatives of the Columbian Exchange?

There were negative results during the Columbian Exchange too.Some negatives were HEALTH,they are traveling for like months and even weeks they of course are gonna run out of food and without food they are gonna starve,without anything to drink or eat they can die.Another negative is DISEASES the Europeans brought a disease called smallpox.Smallpox is a disease that can kill people,the Native Americans didn't know anything about smallpox,but maybe some of the Native Americans got it and died from it nobody likes that.Also another negative was SLAVES the Europeans stopped by Africa and picked up slaves so that way slaves were brought to America and that was how America got slaves.

Vote For The Columbian Exchange!!!!

Looking at the POSITIVE results of the Columbian Exchange I hope that it changed your mind made you wanna vote for the Columbian Exchange!!!! Remember without the Columbian Exchange we wouldn't have HALF of the stuff we have now.