Player Profile


Just to get to know the pigeons better! Lets start with the player who wears #1


Age: 21. Nickname: Corka

Occupation: Plumber

Previous Clubs: n/a

Pre game ritual:

36 scrambled eggs & a salad roll from Crusty Loaf.

Greatest football achievement:

Winning reserves premiership 2012

If u could invite 4ppl to dinner, who would it be & why:

* James Hird - to top up my peptides

* Mitch Greer - brother & for a good laugh

* Dad & Mum - to cook

Best football advice was from who: "just have fun" - Dad

Most organised player:

Matt Gorman

Most unorganised player:

Nic Lawless

Your favourite team mate & why:

Willo (Chris Wilson) - best mate & always keeps me relaxed at footy