Marvellous Magnets

and its properties & uses

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Once in ancient times there were sailors they went on a voyage they found a stone which was the magnet it was attracting their weapons and things made from iron.


It is a solid.

They attract metal,iron,nickel and steel .

They have north pole and south pole.

Like poles repel each other

Unlike poles attract each other

If you want to see the range ( you can't see ) you will need to sprinkle iron filings on it.




levitate a magnet

Volkswagen has launched a prototype car in a city of China called Chengdu so it can drive there hovering.

Creative Uses ( which I think )

artificial gravity : the base can be covered with magnet plate and shoes should be covered with a thin plate of Iron

Levitate a structure : with like poles

It can be a sculpture or a spherical cabin

A electro - magnetic crane

To snatch weapons in war

To do mining of iron

Volkswagen's The People's Car Project: Hover Car PART 1


Magnet is a conductor so don't let it catch electricity