Pay it forward

By: Nathan

Pay it Forward

Think that this world could be a better place.But only if we work together. I think 50% of the world is evil. So the best we can do is be kind.Every thing can’t be ok or else the world would stop spinning..I’m trying my best. At Loof apartment senior home i’m working.I help by taking out garbage.Plus I help my grandma Organize her house. It’s nice to meet new people and help. I vacuum and get stuff from there storage. They're all very kind.
I’m also helping around home. I feed the dogs and cats and give them water. I also do the cat poop. I take out the garbage and paper and cardboard and plastic recycling .I also help my brother and sister clean their room.I also take landry to the basement to be washed.

I love helping my dad with his rentals!I usually sweep and mop after the job is done.But sometimes i’m carrying heavy laminate floor. I love to put light bulbs in and go in the attic.It’s fun bonding with my dad.

Well I think i’ve told you about most of the good deeds i’ve done. I’m always happy when I do a good deed. You feel Great!