by: Elise Leon, Said Luciano.

Type of Government

Republic under an authoritarian regime. The leader holds power.

Two Facts about Syria

1. Slightly larger than North Dakota, Syria lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Coastal Syria is a narrow plain, in back of which is a range of coastal mountains, and still farther inland a steppe area.

One good thing about Syria.

1. Syria is commonly considered a Muslim country, but it's about 10 percent Christian.

One bad thing about Syria.

1. Ongoing clashes between rival groups within the armed opposition intensified in Syria’s

Name a country in the world that is similar to yours.


A minimum of five pictures that depict your country.

Provide in 3 details about why you chose this country.

1. Because it was a interesting country to look at.

2. Also because we want to change their government.

3. Syria has a lot of interesting moment.

Provide in 3 details how you will make this country better.

1. First, we will change the government.

2. We will clean the country.

3. We would make it safe.