MKS News April 2020

Wishing You And Your Family A Blessed Easter!


As we strive to focus on the positive and what we CAN do during this time, I wanted to take a minute for gratitude...

We are THANKFUL for technology such as BAND that is allowing us to stay in touch with families and help keep students dancing and tumbling during this time of separation. As a staff, we continue to learn so much about technology, as I know many of you have as well. We are THANKFUL for the opportunity to learn and grow, even if it feels exhausting many days.

Nothing can replace the precious time we have in the studio though - teachers interacting with students, students building relationships with one another, and families connecting. We are THANKFUL to be in community with you and miss being with students and families so much!

We want the community that the studio provides to be available to our families and students, as well as be a source of "normalcy" for those who thrive on consistency and schedule. We desire, as always, for dance and tumbling to be a bright spot in your week and a way to keep moving forward. And, this month, we are THANKFUL for the opportunity to reach out to our students in some fun and meaningful ways. (We will keep you posted!)

Please know that there is no pressure to participate in everything we are doing. So many people choose dance and tumbling for the benefits of good mental, physical, interpersonal, and emotional health. In addition, we desire to honor God with our gifts and talents at MKS. Continuing these practices during this time can be the lifeline some of our students need. We also realize that taking much needed family time, time to grieve major life changes, and time to process without pressure is important for families right now. We are feeling inundated with new and unfamiliar territory each day, and I am THANKFUL that there are no rules about what is right and wrong during this time.

We are here for you, praying for you, and THANKFUL for YOU!


We are excited for this opportunity to cover MORE technical material than we typically would with you through BAND in April! We have also heard of a number of families using dance as their "P.E. class" during this time of "homeschooling," and we are excited about the opportunity to help out families in that way too! We are busy behind the scenes creating videos of our April lesson plans (with heavy-duty social distancing & lots of disinfecting!) that will be uploaded to BAND once a week in April.

The lesson plans will look like this -

WEEK 1 - The majority of the class content for April (what we would typically cover in Week 1 at the studio, plus a little more!)

WEEK 2 - Practice your WEEK 1 Video + A new step/skill/activity for this month will be introduced, NEW VIDEOS HAVE BEEN ADDED TODAY & WILL CONTINUE AS NEEDED!

WEEK 3 - Practice your WEEK 1 & 2 Videos + SONG ANALYSIS WEEK for all classes in Dance Concert! (Classes without a dance will have an additional step/skill/activity instead.) PLUS, WE ARE SETTING UP ZOOM MEETINGS FOR INSTRUCTORS AND STUDENTS TO CONNECT! Keep an eye on your email for your invites to those meetings. These will be meetings, and not dance classes, although I have a feeling there may be some dancing happening anyway... ;)

WEEK 4 - Practice your WEEK 1 & 2 Videos + A new step/skill/activity for this month will be introduced

+ DANCE CONCERT ROUTINES - In addition to these lessons, students should be practicing their Dance Concert routines EVERY WEEK as well!

+ VERSE OF THE MONTH - I will also be sending out a video for our VERSE of the MONTH to review each week & memorize! :)

For all who are not yet on BAND, there is still time to jump in! Check your email from 3/23/20 for your invite link for the specific BAND that is appropriate for your child(ren).

How to access BAND from your phone or computer:

Becoming Social DistANCERS

No one is immune to the impact of isolation and social distancing. Movement is needed more than ever now, for all of us. Thankfully, the dance world is using its resources to bring classes, seminars and workshops online. Here are some ways we can continue to move through this difficult time.

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