Geoff and Destiny


Dear Reader,

Our country is Norway. There are many interesting facts from the water surrounding the land to the beautiful views. I have had a lot of fun studying about it and I hope you learn a bunch about Norway as you read our wonderful story.


There are many foods in Norway, such as the grilled salmon it is the most popular lunch right now called husmannskost it is like a hamburger in the U.S.A. that is how popular it is. Talking about hamburgers some people really enjoy lamb burgers. The meat is made out of the lambs body parts. They drink Some of the same products as the U.S.A. like coke,sprite,and other drinks. They drink water when they have meals.


There are many sports in Norway such as Skiing,boxing,and football! Football is the most popular sport in Norway just like us! It seems that every country has discovered the great sport of football. There are many popular sports that many people are training for the olympics because Norway is very close to many of the nearby olympics.


There are many animals in Norway. Like The great red fox, He is the most popular animal in Norway. This amazing creature roams Norway eating small mammals and rodents. There is also a very popular animal and he is called the lynx he is a big cat and runs along the outskirts of Norway. He eats birds,bunnies,and rodents. There is another very interesting animal called the wolf, many people have heard of this animal because it is very popular in the U.S.A. They are very common in the western side of Norway. Most wolves travel in packs so you will see them with many other wolves. This cool animal eats fish,mice,and others! There are many other animals like Bears,squirrels,elk,deer,foxes and many other animals.


In Norway there are many things that have happened over the years! People settled in Norway around 8,000 to 9,000 years ago. They first lived in tents and dry caves for many years. Did you know that people in Norway first started farming and gathering instead of hunting! Many tribes moved to Norway because they heard from other tribes that Norway had a lot of land to build on. In 1872 Harald fairhair was the first ruler to most of the western of Norway. Denmark ruled the next century


Geoff and I had a great time researching and learning about Norway. I hope you liked our story, and learned a little about this wonderful country.


Hi, I am Destiny and I am 10 years old. I go to Clear Creek Elementary and I am in Mr. E's forth grade class.

Geoff Miller

Hello, I am geoff Miler and I am in Mr.E's class.