Should Vaccines Be Mandatory?

By: Seth Dinslage

Gary Monahan's son got his vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella. Later his son got a fever that spiked up to around 102 degrees.. Then the child went to the hospital with what appeared to be whooping cough after his next round of vaccines.

Dr. Jasjit Singh said she's seen children dying from of vaccine preventable illnesses.
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A baby today has received more vaccines at just six months, than his mother has at her high school graduation.
Snoeberger,a mother who is against mandatory vaccines, has had a bad time with her son. At his first round of vaccines at twelve months, he developed chronic ear infections. Then at eighteen months, within 48 hours he transformed to a happy verbal baby, to a violent, antisocial.
Some physicians believe that thimerasal, an organic mercury found in a flu shot for kids, is linked to autism.
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Several religions oppose vaccines and say it's against our first amendment, freedom of religion.

On the Other Hand

Before the measles vaccine was released in 1963, there were over 500,000 cases of the measles just in the U.S. on average of 432 cases a year resulted in death. By 2000, the number dwindled to 86 measles cases with zero deaths.
The percentage of kindergartners not vaccinated last year was fourteen percent, well above the level considered to keep them safe.
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The benefits of becoming immune to measles and whooping cough are lowered when there is an unsafe level of eight percent of kids who are not vaccinated.