Haley McFarland

Climax and temprature

The climax of the deserts are different all around the world. Some are cold and some are very hot, it depends on where it is.

Location and General Characteristics

West coasts of continents between 20° and 30° latitude. They are Hot and dry, Semiarid, Coastal and cold. Sme deserts are about 90-100 degrees during the day but they get about 40 degrees at night.


The desert is very dry and does not get much rain each year. The average amount of rain each year is about 254 milliliters a year. This is not enough water to even feed a plant for a week.

Deserts around the world

There are lots of deserts all around the world. The largest of them all is the Sahara desert. Deserts cover about one fifth of out planet. Deserts are found in Asia, the northern part of Africa, and some in the western part of North America.

Land forms and animals

In deserts there are very large canyons, dunes, and large hills. In the desert there are about three thousand different animal species. Some include the snake, small rats, etc. there are also many bugs, some of them are the rolling spider, scorpions, bees, and worms.

Catastrophic events

The deserts do not have many catastrophic events but some of the most severe are the large sand storms. Sand storms are caused by wind turning at very high speeds and it picks up the dirt from around it and spins it around until the wind dies down and the storm is stopped.