This information will be vital as you prepare your students for this new assessment.

Stay tuned as additional information is shared about ILEARN throughout the year!

Is ILEARN different from ISTEP+, or will it be the same test with a new name?

ILEARN is fundamentally different from ISTEP+. ILEARN is being developed to align to new blueprints and new item specifications. Educator committees will also recommend new proficiency levels and cut scores that will inform how student results are reported.

That being said, it is still a College and Career Ready assessment approved at the national level. The questions will continue to address skills at higher DOK levels and it will be just as rigorous as the ISTEP+ assessment. The way we prepare students doesn't change, but some of the specifics of that preparation may need to be updated.

ILEARN is an UNTIMED test!

Yep- you read that correctly! Similar to NWEA, there will not be a set window of time that students will have to complete their test. This alleviates the stress of a timed test for many of our students (including, but not limited to, those with IEPs or 504s) which is a great thing! My assumption is that the state will send out general testing times (i.e. most students should need approx. ___ minutes to complete this test), but some students may need more than this allotted time. More information about the specifics of scheduling will come at a later date!

Get the Scoop! Back-to-School ILEARN Content Webinars

From test content to test administration, statewide assessment is changing in Indiana. Get the scoop on what is new with ILEARN by attending one of the trainings highlighted in this flyer. This webinar series continues this week. Register now for the content area session(s) that best meet your needs! There are specific sessions for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Accessibility and Accommodations. (Thank you for the reminder about these sessions, Laura Eschbach! My apologies if anyone missed the first round for ELA- I hope you're able to catch the second!)


Will schools still receive printed manuals for


Beginning in Spring 2019, all ILEARN and IREAD-3 manuals (e.g., Test Administration Manuals, Test Coordinator Manuals) will be available online only. Test examiners may read the test administration script directly from their school-owned devices or they may download and print the manuals prior to test administration.