how to save water

In Just 8 Easy Steps

Step 1

Reduce Power Usage Because This Uses Water. Therefore The Is More Water For Other Things.

Step 2

Make Sure You Have Only Dual Flush Toilets In Your House.

Step 3

Get A Water Tank To Collect The Run Off From Your Roof.

Step 4

Making Or Buying A Grey Water System For Watering Your Garden By Using Your Dishes Water.

Step 5

When Washing Your Car Do It On Your Front Lawn. Therefore Your Watering Your Lawn At The Same Time.

Step 6

If You Have A Pool, Use The Pool Cover To Reduce Evaporating Occurring When You Do Have It On.

Step 7

Getting A Better Shower Head Is Ideal But Shorter Showers Are Just As Good.

Step 8

When Waiting For The Water In A Tap Or Shower etc. Collect The Water For Watering Plants Or Something Useful Instead Of Letting It Go Down The Drain.