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Friday, November 30, 2018

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Hy-Vee Homeroom Receipt Challenge

With the upcoming holiday season, we know you'll find yourselves at the local grocery stores stockpiling supplies for your family feasts. SAVE YOUR HY-VEE RECEIPTS. During the week of December 3-7, we'll have our first Homeroom Receipt Challenge of the year. Receipts are good from any Cedar Rapids/Marion Hy-Vee Grocery, Gas, or Drug Store. The Top 2 Homerooms will receive donuts for their hard work.

Lunch Benefits

Did you know that you can apply for free or reduced meals at any time, not just at the start of school year? If you do not have a current meal benefit, you may apply online or you may contact the school for a paper application. If you already have a current meal benefit, no action is needed.

1st Quarter Spotlight Students

This year we have revamped our Spotlight Students. The Spotlight Award is our way to recognize the amazing things our students are doing in and out of the classroom. Staff members use the Franklin's Guidelines for Success as the criteria to select students.

The Guidelines for Success are:

B: Be Responsible

O: Opt to do Personal Best

L: Lead with Integrity

T: Treat People & Property with Respect

S: Strive to be Safe & Orderly

On Monday, November 26, students were recognized with a group photo, awarded their certificate, and provided a small treat for all their hard work.

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6th Grade

Ayva Kemper, Damen Robinson, Dichon Britt, Alexi Moore, Miram Legge, Vivian Tarvestad, Jaxson Schmidt, Abigail Wilcox, Nathan Ruth, Abigail Zieser, Cade Beck, Preston Postley, Kasaan Robinson, Laila Tate, Kaleea Pledge

7th Grade

Mark Nix, Lavelle Dawson, Josiah Wickham, Abby Arbore, Colton Carver, Geofflin Donre, Annabelle Attwood, Akaiden Owens, Joslynn Ovel, Makaila Bogs, Abbie Richey, KaMauri Bell, Brooke Dunkel, Lillian Sharp, Paul Jeffries, Trisiyah Hurt, Jamari Benson, Hunter Sams

8th Grade

Ahijinnaey Jones, Rose Nodland, Gabe Miller, Emily Cline, Abigail Hume, Grace Champanois, Seth Woods, Katie Earl, Joey Ingram, DaVonn Jeffries, Emmy McDaniels, Maddy Law, Mya Malone, Kylee Schmidt, Kaileigh Keeney, Amanda Beckett, Jackson Tawney

Dance Marathon

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Friday, December 14th, will mark our thirteenth Franklin Dance Marathon. It will be held after school from 1:30 – 3:30PM. Admission cost is $5.00. This eighth grade service project has many components in addition to the dance. Please encourage your child to get involved in any way you can. Our dance is held in conjunction with the University of Iowa Dance Marathon and the Children’s Miracle Network. The money we raise helps to support families with children facing life threatening illnesses like cancer.

We began our dance marathon to support children battling life threatening illnesses in our community. We were surprised to discover our very first year that we had a cancer survivor in our own school. Unbelievably, we have continued to have a student affected by cancer as part of our Franklin community EACH and EVERY year. Some were survivors; some still in the midst of the battle. While some students preferred to stay in the background, others were willing to jump in and help in multiple ways.

Jack Hoeger, a current Kennedy student and former Franklin Bolt, inspired our students with his story captured in his own “Livestrong I Know Jack” YouTube video. His mom spoke to the entire student body about the importance of dance marathon activities and the support provided to families. Jack continues to inspire others and was crowned as Kennedy’s homecoming king this fall. The fact that Franklin has had a student/family directly affected by cancer for the entire 13 years of our dance fundraiser is a sad reminder of how much our help is needed. There are many ways for YOUR student to be involved in the coming weeks.

Franklin students have been instrumental in bringing dance marathons to both Washington and Kennedy over the years. Some have gone on to dance in college as well, and we have even been blessed to have some of our Franklin alumni return as University of Iowa Dance Marathon volunteers. This year we dance not only for our current Franklin student battling cancer, but for one of our Franklin alumni as well. We hope this service project allows your student to experience the pride and feeling of accomplishment that comes with giving back to the community. Aristotle once spoke of the importance of educating not just the mind, but the heart as well. It is our hope that every child will leave Franklin with both heart and mind enhanced.

For more information, please check the Franklin website or contact Mr. Jeffords at

Money Mash

The "Money Mash" change war between homerooms begins Monday, December 10th and runs through Thursday, December 13th. Students may be scrounging for loose change as all coins count positively and all checks and paper money count as negatives. Your students will begin asking for money, and it's a great time to get extra chores done! There will be daily prizes and an overall winning home room at each grade level. Students in those top home rooms will receive donuts and juice during their home room time on the Monday after the dance.

Spirit Dancers

Students wishing to do even more for the cause can collect $25 or more from friends and family and turn it into the office with a "Spirit Dancer" pledge sheet. These students are admitted free and a bit early, eliminating the wait in line to get into the dance. They receive some extra bling, a free slice of pizza at the dance, and have front row seating for the pie throw at the end of the dance. The top fundraisers also have the opportunity to put a pie in a staff member’s face! The effort of our spirit dancers is truly appreciated, and they have increased in number each year. We are hoping even more students will take on this challenge for 2018. Pick up a spirit dancer form and hit up those relatives over Thanksgiving!

Continuing Information

Waiting Before & After School

We want to make you aware of when our staff is out to supervise before and after school. Our morning supervision begins at 7:30AM. If at all possible, we ask that students not be dropped off any earlier than that. In the afternoon, supervision is outside until shortly after 3:00PM. If students are walking home, we ask they get on their way immediately after dismissal.

Tutoring Available

We've been pleased with the number of students coming to Tuesday tutoring, but we have room for more. Tutoring is every Tuesday from 3:00-4:00. We'll have between 5-10 Washington students each week with one staff member supervising. If transportation is a barrier, please let us know so we can help out. We want students to attend.

If you're interested in your child attending tutoring please contact our Counseling Office at (319) 558-2258.

Bolt Closet

This year, in cooperation with our PTA, we're beginning the Bolt Closet. The Bolt Closet will provide students in need with a variety of different items. We encourage you to look at the flyer for items that can be provided to students and families. We're also accepting donations from families to help furnish the store. At this time of year we're asking for new or lightly-used sweatshirts, coats, and jackets in middle school sizes or brand new underwear. If you have items you're wanting to donate, they can be dropped off in the Attendance Office. If you have any questions about the pantry, please contact Ben Ethier, Engagement Specialist, at or (319) 558-1544.

Franklin Office Hours

During the school year, our Main Office hours will be 7:30-3:30. We need to encourage our students to take care of any communication prior to the office being closed. Most days, they will not have access to the phones in the main office after 3:30. If your child is staying after school for an activity or sport, please make plans with them prior to them leaving for the day.

Getting Messages to Your Child

We understand there are messages you may need to get to your child during the day. We ask for your help in the best way to do so. Our building cell phone policy says phones should be put away/off/silenced from 7:50-2:50. If you need to contact your child during the day, we ask you call the attendance office, 558-2162, and leave a message. Thanks for your help with this.

Upcoming Events

Monday, December 3
  • PTA Meeting, 11:00AM in 300 Conference Room

Saturday, December 8

  • Classic Show Choir @ Cocoa & Carols at Washington & Kennedy High School

Thursday, December 13

  • Boys' Swimming @ Jefferson HS
  • Girls' Basketball: 7th @ Taft/8th @ Home

Friday, December 14

  • Dance Marathon, 1:30-3:30 in Main Gym