American Colonies

By: Yvette Alcaraz

Reasons for people Migrating

Did you know that people migrate because of a lot of reasons. Firt of all They wanted to own land and it was the last motive. For example Manu people wanted so many land to show off and those who had it enjoyed it. Next, That oueselfs and posterity may be the better preserved from the common corruptions of his evil world to serve the lord and work our salvations under the power and purity of his holy laws. As evidenced by ,Many people do service to the lord. Finally I was very happy but my happiness ended when I was eleven year old (and sold into slavery. After being marched to the sea coast) . And boarded on a slave ship. For example, many young people sold into slavery at a young age. People moved to Colonial America because of religious reasons, slavery, and because of wanting to own land.

The End


The conclusion is that they treaded the people really bad. They also had a lot of religious resons. Also that they wanted to own lots and lots of land .