Women's Rights.

Women's rights in the 1800's.

Women in the 1800's.

They could not vote or hold office. When they married, her husband became owner of all her property. If she worked, all her wages went to her husband. The husband also had the right to beat and hit her as long as he didn't seriously injure her.
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A Call for Women's Rights.

Women in the 1800's had poor lives. They were not seen as humans, they were seen as property. Before marriage, they were owned by their fathers. After marriage, they were owned by their husbands. Both back and white abolitionist, men and women, joined the struggle for women's rights.

Women Were Seeking Equal Rights In The 1800's.

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Seneca Falls Convention.

The Seneca Fall Convention was a convention that's purpose was to draw attention to the problems women faced during those times. Around 200 women and 40 men attended this convention. Women and men at Seneca Falls voted for resolutions that demanded equality for women at work, school, and church.

By: Abigail Waite