Cornell University

College of Veterinary Medicine (by Alex Ortiz)

The College of Veterinary Medicine, a subdivision of Cornell University, is located in Ithaca, New York with around 382 students currently attending. Since that is such a low number that means the competition to get in is very high. On average, less than half applicants get accepted.
Since Cornell is one of the most prestigious schools in the country, expenses are pretty high with dorms costing about $13,680 per year.
Cornell's national mascot is the "Big Red Bear" :-)

Currently in the college of veterinary medicine, there are 14,393 undergraduates, or freshman.

The SAT requirements to get into the CVM are 1935-2750 and you must have a 3.0 grade point average, GPA.

The university as a whole was established in 1894 and in 1876, the nations first veterinary degree was granted to Daniel Salmon who later went on to discover the common disease we know today was Salmonella.

Since I am pursuing my veterinary degree, taking a foreign language is not required but it looks good on your application.


W- Espero que pueda sacar mas buenas notas. Deseo que obtener mas apoyo de mi familia.

E- Temo que vaya ir a nueva escuela. Ansioso de vaya ir a nueva ciudad.

I- Es importante que ahorre dinero ir al colegio. Es posible que puedo vaya ir al cogelio de Cornell con trabajo duro

R- Sugiero que tu estudias duro para que tu entrar a la universidad.

D- No creo que no puedo entrar a la universidad que si lo suficientemente duro.

O- Ojala que entre a la universidad y que puedo graduado con honores.