all about cats and their special uniqness

''Having a cat is a lot of fun especially when you have kittens,'' says Izabelle Ludwick. Izabelle has a kitten and a grown cat named Darla. The kitten's name is Percy. Darla is the mother of Percy. Percy got his name because he likes to get in purses and Percy Jackson.'' I think that the kitten looks so cute," said Maile McCoy, Izabelle's mother.

Cat History

Cats have been on earth for a long time. Some cats help their owners during war.Other cats help Egyptians find fur. Most cats help their owners fight against their enimies because they are scared to hurt cats. Cats are helpful and competitive animals. Cats also help with other cats that are hurt or injured.

A lot of kittens or nah?

Female cats don't usually have a lot of kittens. In one litter there can be 4-12 kittens. The usual amount in one litter is three or four kittens. A cat is suppost to only have four or less litters in a lifetime. If a cat has more than four litters then there is something wrong with your cat. The kitten doesn't open its eyes until two or three weeks old. The mom gives milk to the kittens until they are about two months old.Kittens are very fragile if you shake them around then they might hurt their brain very badly.

The Wonderful Uniqueness of Cats

Cats have many unique adaptations. Their whiskers are for in the dark. If they go in between couches the whiskers touch the wall to see if they fit. Cats also have an amazing tail. When they are angry they whack their tail on the ground. Another one of a cats unique features is their body. Cats purr when they are happy. A cats fur helps a cat stay warm. Cats also use their whiskers for balancing.

''it takes a lot of money to get everything you need for a cat. You have to get litter, a litter box, food, a scratching post, and other things," says Maile McCoy. ''I honestly think that you should always be prepared for a cat when you have a keyboard. Because when you have a cat and a keyboard it doesn't go too well. The cat jumps on your keyboard and makes loud music.'' Says Izabelle Ludwick. Its always better to be prepared for a cat.
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