By: Maylinh Tran & Destinee Earl

Where Did It Start?

Judaism was in the a Jewish culture, and Judaism began in Israel. The Jews believed that Judaism meant faith.

Who Was The Founder?

The founder of Judaism was Abraham. Abraham was known as a Patriarch. And he was descendants are the Jewish people.

Thier Basic Beliefs

Judaism was the belief in God, education, justice, and obedience. They are monotheistic, which means they believe in one god. They believe in Yahweh. The Jews record most of their laws in 5 books. Together these books are called the Torah, the most sacred text/book of Judaism.

Where did it spread?

Judaism started in Israel and Judah, and spread to the western world. And the Jews lived everywhere and it spread to different countries. That is how the Judaism religion spread to the western world from Israel and Judah.