Come to the PIG!

PIG = Purposeful Idea Gallery. A gathering for sharing ideas

Join us as we kick off planning for UT-Arlington's next Quality Enhancement Plan with a PIG. The Purposeful Idea Gallery will be a "come and go" event where you can come, get inspiration, and share ideas related to enhancing student learning at UT-Arlington. Circulate through the DFA suite at your own pace, interacting with provocative quotes, revealing data, big ideas, and your fellow UTA citizens. We hope you will leave feedback, ideas, and challenges of your own.


Thursday, May 14th, 12-4pm

DFA Suite, 4th Floor, Central Library, UTA Main Campus

Come, browse, and share ideas. Stay for 10 minutes or four hours. Bring a friend or two. We will have plenty of refreshments!

The QEP at UT-Arlington

The Quality Enhancement Plan is a concerted, broad based effort to improve some aspect of student learning and a necessary part of our reaccreditation process. The PIG marks our QEP kickoff, as we move to the initial phase of gathering ideas about the QEP's theme and focus. We will put a comprehensive plan together in preparation for our SACS reaffirmation visit in April 2017. The development of the QEP is led by Nakia Pope and the Division of Faculty Affairs.

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