What to expect

The First trimester (1-3)

  • Your baby's small fingertips, begin to grow fingerprints but their veins and organs are visible through its small. There's increased sex drive in women but also they have symptoms of morning sickness.. Your baby is 3 inches long and weighs an ounce.

Second Trimester

  • The mothers leg muscles start to cramp and they will get worse the further along in your pregnancy. The 2 pounds and 14 1/2 inches long .

Third trimester

  • You should be prepared to have the baby at this stage. And the cervix should have thinned out or softened if not then you are not ready for labor. The baby is almost 20 inches long and 8 pounds.

Advice for Father

Do not be a deadbeat dad. Also try and get along with the mother at all cost. Make sure you get rid of all bad habits before the baby is born. And make sure you have enough money to help the baby with its growth.