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February 16, 2018

A Message from our Superintendent

This week another tragedy occurred on a school campus. I hope you will join us in extending our sympathies to the families of the students and staff in that community and especially to those who lost their lives in this senseless act of violence. This tragedy in Florida reminds us all of the importance of the safety and security in our schools. We want to assure our Scott 2 families that our schools have updated school safety plans that have been created and reviewed in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies. We are pleased with the strong partnership that we have with our local and state law enforcement agencies and they collaborate frequently with us throughout the school year. The members of our staff have been trained on the specifics of our safety plans, and we conduct periodic drills to ensure that everyone knows their role in the event of a crisis. We appreciate the understanding of our parents as we enforce these protocols for the safety of our children. As always, the safety of our students remains a high priority.

School safety must be a shared responsibility of students, staff, parents, and the community as a whole. We are proactive in monitoring social media and emails and encourage anyone who has knowledge of concerning social media posts, behaviors, etc. to contact your student’s school or the Scott 2 Administration Building at (812) 752-8921.

Thank you for your support of Scott 2.

Dr. Marc Slaton


Scott County School District 2

The Solution

In light of recent violent events at schools, it is important to remember that each and every one of us can be a part of the solution. As described in the school announcements yesterday, there are three things we can all do to prevent violence.

  1. Be kind. Be kind to your friends and also to kids you hardly know.
  2. Speak Up. Call out those that aren’t kind. If you see someone making fun, name-calling, or trying to be funny at the expense of someone else, say something. What to say? It’s easy. Say STOP IT. If you see someone that is acting unkind, ACT. Don’t ignore.
  3. Report. If you hear something that makes you uncomfortable, tell an adult. Tell right away. If someone makes a statement or joke about violence, report right away. If this is in person, report. If this is on social media, report. We can no longer make jokes or casually chat about school violence. Those days are gone.

Thank you for being a part of the solution. Yes. YOU. I'm talking to YOU.

Miss Nass

Mid-Term Day!

Happy Mid-Term Day! Today is a GREAT day to check academic progress. How are you doing in every class. Is Harmony up-to-date and accurate? Check today and make sure you have an accurate status report! This grading period will end on Friday, March 16th.

Yearbook Group Pictures

Brush your teeth and comb your hair because group picture day is Monday, February 19. If you are in a sport, club, or activity, you will be photographed with your group for the yearbook. We are keeping our yearbook pictures consistent this year, so professional pictures will not be used for groups. Therefore all fall and winter sport groups will be called! Nobody needs a uniform, but everybody needs a smile!

Let's Keep the Flu from YOU!

Big picture
Big picture

ISTEP+ Update

ISTEP+ Part 1 is fast approaching! We're about two weeks out from the actual test so that means we've got several preparation activities going on in our classrooms!

Next week Math and ELA teachers will be giving online practice tests using the Pearson training system. You'll all log in to the TestNav app and use test tickets to access some great practice problems. These practice problems are designed to be reviewed by the teacher when you take it. Your teachers will coach you about how to access the questions and use the tools to enter and submit your best work. Sixth grade science students and 7th grade SS students will also discuss a practice problem but that will not be online. Practice tests are not scored but they are important as they are a good opportunity to learn about the system!

The Operational ISTEP+ Part 1 schedule has been set. The operational tests are the REAL DEAL. They count! And teachers cannot help you with them!! Check out the schedule below and check to make sure you clear any appointments you have during these dates and times.

Tuesday, Feb. 27 AM- Part 1 Math on iPads for ALL STUDENTS

Wednesday, Feb. 28 AM- Part 1 ELA, Section 1 on iPads for ALL STUDENTS

Thursday, March 1 AM- Part 1 ELA, Section 2 on macs for 6th GRADE only

Monday, March 5 AM- Part 1 ELA., Section 2 on macs for 7th GRADE only

Monday, March 5 AM- Part 1 Science on iPads for 6th GRADE only

Tuesday, March 6 AM- Part 1 ELA, Section 2 on macs for 8th GRADE only

Tuesday, March 6 AM- Part 1 Social Studies on iPads for 7th GRADE only

FFA Week!

Next week is FFA week! It is a nationwide celebration for Future Farmers of America. Eighth grade agriculture students in the FFA will be hosting a few special events and they invite you to join in on the fun!!

Monday - Teacher Appreciation Day - Show some love to the staff!

Tuesday- Red, White, and Blue Day- Get your patriotism on!

Wednesday - Hat day/ $1 permits will be sold with proceeds funding the Warrior Food Pantry.

Thursday- Camo Day- Wear your camo gear!

Friday- Blue and Gold day - Wear the official FFA colors!

Benefits of Breakfast!

The USDA would like to remind all students of the value of eating breakfast each day! Here are some tidbits that you should know!

  • Eating breakfast can help improve academic performance in class and on tests.
  • Children who eat breakfast are more likely to behave better in school and get along better with peers than those who do not.
  • Breakfast helps children pay attention, perform problem-solving tasks, and improves memory.
  • Children who eat school breakfast are likely to have fewer absences and tardies than those who do not.
  • By eating breakfast, students get more of important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, dietary fiber, folate, and protein.
  • Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to be overweight.
  • Eating breakfast as a child is important for establishing healthy habits for later in life.
  • What you eat for breakfast can have an impact on learning all day. Eating high fiber/low sugar foods can fuel you for the day.
  • School breakfast provides daily servings of fruit, whole grains, and milk, plus roughly 1/4 of the recommended calories for lasting energy!

Spring Ball Tryouts

SMS Baseball Tryouts: Feb 26, 27, and 28 from 3:15-5:00 PM in the West Gym

SMS Softball Tryouts: Feb. 26, 27, and 28 from 6:30-8:00 PM in the West Gym

See Mr. Smith or Mrs. Manns if you have any questions.

Next Week...

Mon. Feb. 19: A day, FFA Teacher Appreciation Day, Yearbook Group Picture Day, Yearbook Club 3-4

Tue. Feb. 20: B day, FFA Red/White/Blue Day, Archery 3-4:30, Art Club 3-4, Swimming @ Salem

Wed. Feb. 21: A day, FFA Hat Day, Cross 7:45 AM, School Law Assemblies, Academic Super Bowl 3-5:30, Builders Club Board 3-4,

Thu. Feb 22: B day, FFA Camo Day, Student Council 7:15 AM, Swimming @ Hazelwood, Archery 3-4:30

Fri. Feb. 22: A day, FFA Blue & Gold Day

Sat. Feb. 23: Wrestling @ Highland Hills Invitational