By: Morgan Lauer & Kailee Prentice

A Magical Box (Haiku)

A magical box

Everyone wonders what is in it

But we will never know

A Jacket (Free Verse)

To you it’s something you wear when it’s cold

But me it’s composed of blue corduroy and corn gold

To you we might be rednecks, hillbillies, and hicks

But in reality we are just normal people living to serve

If the jacket could talk it would have many stories to tell

It’s always got your back

with over 610,240 just the same as mine

It instills the things that I lack

Such as the ability to not cower

When speaking in front of crowds

You can go from being shy to being loud

It helps you to take up a leadership role

You get to live a life of service for people in need

You get to make your own path and open the newly discovered doors

You take opportunities that otherwise might be ignored

You do to learn and learn to do

To wear the jacket is now up to you