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I am excited to post my first update. Principal Hutchison and Principal Palcer each sent out summer updates and we will follow the practice of alternating and coordinating our communications. Be sure to click here for Principal Palcer's update or here for Principal Hutchison's update - each has a lot to share about what's going on at our schools, including about the new approach to providing a band program for our students.

And very importantly, follow me on Twitter, where my handle is @AvocaOsburn This is an immediate way to get daily doses of our amazing schools and to know me a little better. Additionally, when there is timely news - like school closings - having my Twitter feed pop on your phone can be very handy!

I won't launch a long introduction now. To see more, check out my landing page by clicking here.


We are sad to share that long time Principal Secretary at Marie Murphy, Jean Berryman, has passed away. Serving Marie Murphy for over 30 years, Jean experienced health struggles in recent months and was found by her daughter at Jean's home, unresponsive over the weekend. Information about services for her will be shared when we have it.

Student Excellence

I look forward to sharing examples of student excellence as I spend time in classrooms, at events, and just talking with our students. One example is the story in our local 22nd Century Media publication about the New Trier Science Olympiad Team and its 8th place finish in Nationals. Of the 15 NT team members EIGHT are from Avoca. This is an incredible number considering the percentage of NT students overall made up by Avoca graduates. See the Avoca graduates below who are part of that high achieving team at New Trier:

Edward Seol . Emilia McDougal . Eric Liu . Isabelle Hester . Jason Yuan .

Jibriel Saqibuddin . Jonathan Yuan Yetong Li

Congrats to all the team members and to our Avoca Science Olympiad coaches and supporters who helped make this possible.

Staff Excellence

And that student excellence is not possible without staff excellence. In addition to Marie Murphy teachers attending Reading Instruction Workshops at Columbia University (see below), 4th grade teacher Janis Michael (see below) has been awarded an NEA Foundation Global Fellowship. This Fellowship will enable her to be immersed in intensive learning during the year and international learning abroad in the Summer of 2020. Read all about it by clicking here.

Finally, over the summer we cannot forget about the hard work of our maintenance and custodial crews, especially as so much infrastructure work takes place. Below, see pics of hallways at Marie Murphy (where air conditioning upgrades will make for a cooler experience) and Avoca West (where nuts and bolts and carpets and lights are being upgraded) to get a sense of all the activity going on while our crews ready classrooms. There was a Summer Projects Update to the Board which will provide more for you, just click here.

Board Meeting Review and Preview

July 18 Board Meeting Highlights (click here for details)

August 11 Board Meeting Preview (not posted yet)

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  • Board Retreat - Governance, Learning, Finances