Summer reading By: Sarah Lohm

What is the main idea of tornadoes?

The main idea of a tornado is that they are very destructive. Also, tornadoes are funnel shaped clouds that come below the storm with fast moving winds. There is a place called tornado alley which stretches from the mid-west to the south where tornadoes are most common.

Who is involved, where, and what time do tornadoes take place?

Because tornadoes can happen at any place at anytime, almost everyone is at risk of tornadoes. Because they can be so widespread during a storm, everyone should prepare if there is a tornado warned storm by them. Tornadoes can take place at any hour of they day depending on when the storm reaches a point where the conditions are right for a tornado to form. Although a tornado can take place anywhere the conditions permit, most tornadoes form in a place called tornado alley. It stretches from the mid-west to the south in the middle of the United States. Also, spring time is a popular time for tornadoes because of the changing temperatures from winter to summer weather

How do tornadoes relate to today?

Tornadoes relate to us today because tornadoes do still happen today. Tornadoes are most popular in spring and every year, we come across spring. We need to be aware of the danger of these because it will help us know how to prepare for them.

How will the knowledge you gained affect you?

The knowledge I learned will affect me because I now know more about tornadoes so I can stay safe from them and I can use it later in life. I want to become a meteorologist when I'm older, so I can use this information I gained to help me.

How does this topic relate to you?

Tornadoes relate to me because even though I have always been terrified by them, I have also always wanted to know more about them. Also, when I was younger, a tornado warning was in affect when I was at my Grandma's house. There was a funnel cloud that looked a lot like a tornado above her neighbor's house, but never ended up developing. This made me more interested in severe weather in general.

What is your new opinion on this topic?

My new opinion on tornadoes is that nobody is completely safe from them. Although some areas of the world don't have as much tornadoes, it can always happen if the conditions are right.
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