Welcome to Montclair Elementary

Kindergarten Orientation 2020/21


Mr. Sean Leverty ~ Principal

  • 25 years in education
  • 14 years in the Beaverton School District

Previous BSD Positions:

  • Taught 3rd grade at Hiteon Elementary
  • New Teacher Mentor – TOSA
  • Student Supervisor
  • 8 years as Montclair Principal

Dear Kindergarten Families,

On behalf of our Montclair community, I would like to welcome you to Montclair Elementary! My hope is that you’ll find Montclair to be a special place for your child, one in which they thrive, building foundational skills that will benefit them throughout life. At Montclair we pride ourselves on providing a rigorous introduction to reading, writing, mathematics and all disciplines, as well as finding time to engage in play. Play is an essential component of kindergarten in the Beaverton School District, as children learn through play as much as they learn through direct instruction. Playful engagement offers children the opportunity to inquire, hypothesize, imagine, discover, cultivate and so much more. Our job in kindergarten is to set the building blocks for all learning and we’ve created a program that does this very well.

At our kindergarten orientation we help parents prepare for the kindergarten milestone, understanding what it means to be a student. We would love to share some insights and suggestions, so that your child has the greatest potential for growth, and offer some time for you to ask important questions. I hope that you can join us for our orientation series this spring. We’ll be hosting one introduction session on February 18th, where you’ll begin to think about school as a pivotal step in a child’s social emotional and academic development. Then on May 6th you’ll get to meet the kindergarten teachers and explore how you can set your child up for success.

Finally, we look forward to partnering with you as your child makes this important transition into their neighborhood school. Working together we have a greater chance for success, and as your child’s first teacher we have a great deal to learn about your child from you.

Sean Leverty

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Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Registration - Español
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The Hawkeye News goes out electronically on Thursdays to Montclair families through School Messenger.

To view on our website, go to https://montclair.beaverton.k12.or.us, click on ABOUT US, and then Newsletter.

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Montclair Elementary

253 Students

  • 2 classes in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Montclair has been serving the students and families of our community since 1970.

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  • Kindergarten Teachers of Montclair and Kindergarten Support Staff
  • Virtual Kindergarten Classroom Tour
  • Montclair & BSD - Vision, Mission & Goals
  • Ready for Kindergarten: Tips and Reminders
  • Information regarding Nutrition Services
  • Bus Information
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Kindgergarten Classroom

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Beaverton School District PIllars of Learning

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Supporting Play in K (English)
Apoyando el aprendizaje a través del juego en el Kindergarten
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At Montclair WE strive to prepare students for future success by providing a healthy and safe environment where all students can be challenged, supported and engaged.
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Getting ready for Reading - your child:

  • Holds a book and turns pages correctly
  • Understands the sounds that letters make
  • Recognizes a few simple words (sight words such as a, the, and)
  • Reads every day/enjoys listening to stories

Getting ready for Writing - your child:

  • Can write first and last name
  • Understands that words are written from left to right
  • Can print letters and numbers 1 to 10
  • Writes often, enjoys writing

Getting ready for Math - your child:

  • Counts objects from 1 to 10
  • Recognizes numerals 1 to 10
  • Recognizes shapes: circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle
  • Knows basic colors

Getting ready for Learning - your child:

  • Can correctly hold and use a pencil and crayons: traces, colors
  • Cuts with scissors: cuts on line, holds correctly
  • Organizes own materials: backpack and coat
  • Works independently
  • Follows directions
  • Handles disappointment appropriately
  • Cooperates with other children: sharing, taking turns
  • Keeps hands and feet to self

Your child should know how to zip, snap, tie, button, and fasten velcro. Be sure that your little one can also take care of his or her bathroom needs well before the first day of school. It is important that your child feels confident and secure in making decisions and handling separation from parent(s) for an extended period of time.


  • USDA lunches are provided each day


  • Bus information for your student is available on the Beaverton School District website
  • Bus Drivers are not able to wait if students are not at the bus stop on time
  • Any student who stays on the bus will be returned to school
  • Transportation changes - notes, calls, emails - communicate early
  • Routes, stops, locate your child's bus: There is an app available