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February 2016

Find your Marigolds; Avoid the Walnut Trees

As we begin to turn toward the longer days of light, we must focus on our wellness and resiliency to see us through the last months of winter. This is often easier said than done, but with support and focus on the importance of our own well-being, we can present our students with the greatest potential of learning possibilities, and our colleagues with true collaborative efforts. There are many ways to aid our winter struggles, and one of them is to avoid those who have fallen into the depths of negativity. This article helps individuals to find positive energy within their environment by surrounding themselves with the "Marigolds" of staff, and avoiding the "Walnut Trees".

GROWTH MINDSET - Stepping out of our box (classroom) to analyze our practice.

I Heart Teachers: Encouraging Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset - Needed Now More Than Ever

"Let’s acknowledge that (1) we’re all a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets, (2) we will probably always be, and (3) if we want to move closer to a growth mindset in our thoughts and practices, we need to stay in touch with our fixed-mindset thoughts and deeds." Carol Dweck has been revisiting the concept of growth mindset in staff and students of education, as was reported in an Education Week commentary. Click here for resources on building student motivation through a growth mindset.

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Many educators are introducing mindfulness practices into the classroom as a means of improving kids' attention and emotional regulation. Others use it to foster additional ways of "knowing" that complement the rational methods of traditional education. Regardless of the reason, this Mindful Schools Website has some excellent resources, videos and lessons including audio on practicing a body scan and mindfulness of the breath, that will help to build mindfulness in the classroom.
Mindful Schools In-Class Instruction
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Mini-tech Sessions Begin Next Week

Stef will be hosting collaborative sessions at each of the elementary buildings beginning next week for anyone interested in learning more about using technology to transform learning. Below is the SignUp link for dates and topics if you would like to join us. Topics can be modified as the session begins. Secondary sessions will be available throughout the month of March.

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