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June 2016

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K12 International News and Events the Week of May 30th
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Term Dates for 2016-2017 School Year!

Student and Learning Coaches,

*An enrollment counselor will contact you and finalize the enrollment or you can call: 877.512.7748 (John Rayner is our enrollment specialist for the lower school)

*You and I will discuss courses for next year in our upcoming conferences.

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Each student, grades 2-5, is required to take the Scantron Post Test before their Term End date. The testing window opens 8 weeks prior to this date:


Term 1 - Open Now!

Term 2- Open Now!

Term 3- Open Now!

Term 7b- Open Now!

Term 8b- Open Now!

Term 9b- Open Now!

Term 4- Open Now!

Term 10b-Open Now!

Term 5- Open Now!

Term 11b- Open Now!

Term 6- Opens June 3rd

Term 12b- Opens June 6th


Please check your kmail for the kmail I sent with Site and Student ID's so you can login and take Reading and Math!

Important Dates

June 3rd - Term 2 Last Day

June 6th - Term 8 Semester 1 Ends, Term 8b Last Day

June 17th - Term 3 Last Day

June 24th - Term 9 Semester 1 Ends, Term 9b Last Day

June 30th - Term 4 Last Day

July 4th - No School

Term End Dates

Term 2: June 3rd

Term 3: June 17th

Term 4: June 30th

Term 5: July 14th

Term 6: August 2nd

Term 6b: August 23rd

Term 8b: June 6th

Term 9b: June 24th

Term 10b: July 8th

Term 11b: July 22nd

Term 12b: August 4th

Term 13b: August 26th

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2015-2016 School Calendar, Start, Mid-term, and End Dates

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Happy Birthday with minions

June Birthdays

21st: Niam S.

22nd: Dustyn P.

25th: Samantha G.

30th: Carsyn W.

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June Progress Goals for 2015-2016 School Year

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Weekly Journal Entry

What are some of your favorite things to do over the summer months? Write about why you enjoy them and who you enjoy them with.

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Weekly Riddle!

Q: Where to fish sleep?

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Click on the link below for science experiment directions! Have fun!

Class Connect Recordings Links

When you click on the link you will be prompted to enter a google username and password. You must have a google account to be able to view these recording lists. Please set up your own google account and then enter your password and information to view if you have not already.

Click on the link below to view recordings related to that course.

Language Arts & Math+ Blue

Language Arts & Math+ Green

Language Arts & Math+ Orange

Language Arts & Math+ Purple

Language Skills 4 & Math+ Red

Language Skills 5 & Math+ Yellow

American History A:

Work Samples

See below the assignments that you will be turning in for your course level. We will be going over specifics of "Work Samples" in our 3rd conference together.

Note: If you are taking classes only with the second semester (a 90 day term) you will be on a different work sample schedule which I will send to you in kmail and discuss during conferences.

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2015-2016 Coach to Coach Recordings

Connect with your school! Just click and go!

Bookmark the following websites and visit often :)

Please use this guide to keep progress on track. These are suggested %’s to reach 100% by the end of the year.