By Tyler Keeney

how it affects your brain

alcohol heavily affects the prefrontal cortex of your brain which helps you making decisions

some decisions alcoholics might make

some of the the decisions an alcoholic would make is that they would decide that they would drive which will end up in a crash. Alcoholics may be abusive or hostile to those around them and may abuse those around them either physically mentally or sexually

consequences of decisions while drunk

some of the consequences of the decisions you make when drunk is that you'd go to jail, get STD's, have an unwanted pregnancy, etc.

how to prevent bad decisions from when your under the influence of alcohol

to prevent bad decisions that would come from drinking then make sure you bring at least one other person so that they give you assistance on making you not do the decisions you make while drunk as well as to drive you home afterwards so no one winds up dead or in jail
another way to prevent bad decisions when drunk is to not drink at all and try to make sure you don't by not succumbing to peer pressure

things people who do drink say about people who don't

people who drink alcohol would always say things about people who don't drink which should actually be said to people who do drink alcohol which is they are not cool, they are not fun, they are not funny, they are not interesting, and they not know how to have a good time