Fit For Life

If you like lifelong wellness, this is the program for you!

What is Fit For Life?

Fit For Life is a program that Prime Time has been offering since 2006 to help promote a healthy and active lifestyle among our seniors. It is offered annually to sponsor anywhere from 10-15 seniors who want to improve physical fitness and overall health. Fit For Life is open to anyone who is fit and willing to participate. Applications are due January 6th so feel free to sign up!

What are Fit For Life Benefits?

  • You get to take any of Prime Time's fitness programs for HALF OFF during the 10 weeks of FFL
  • You get to attend free "Wellness Workshops"- which are seminars lead by health experts in various health areas
  • You get to meet with a dietician and create a personal diet plan.
  • You get healthy!