Stereotypes and Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy


This book is about a girl named gabby whiz is 15 she is beginning a senior project. She closes a project ewes she has to fake become pregnant. Her whole family has become teen parents all 8 of her brothers and sisters one of them had kids over the age of 19. She begins telling everyone that she is pregnant and this is we're the real hate begins. People start stereotyping her and saying ride things and she starts to take it even though she's not actually pregnant. She has the grat support of her mom through it all. In the end she basically becomes famous and leaves a great story on young teen moms.

Stereotypes and hate

Favorite part of the book

My favorite part of the book was when Jorge and gabby stated telling everyone that's she was pregnant. This is my favorite part because it shows how hateful people can be. Even her own family. There are so many stereotypes out there. I can also relate to this part of the book because my sister was pregnant at 16 and she went through a lot of the same stuff that gabby went through.