The Legendary Hero From "The Odyssey"

"The Odyssey" By: Homer

"The Odyssey" was an epic poem written by Homer, who also wrote "The Iliad." There are no written biographies of Homer; therefore, many people disagree if he was a man or if "Homer" was just a name selected by various authors. His epic poem titled "The Odyssey" was about the adventures of a homeward-bound man named "Odysseus" who was returning from Troy. However, on his way home he and his crew encounter many challenges and obstacles (usually mythological monsters), including a Cyclops named "Polyphemus." Odysseus and half of his crew get trapped in a cave by Polyphemus and Odysseus has to form an escape plan to save his crew.

Why is Odysseus a hero?

3 Reasons Why Odysseus is a Hero:

Odysseus is considered a hero for many reasons. He is cunning, brave, and inspiring. These three traits are displayed by Odysseus throughout the many adventures he and his men endured.

For example, Odysseus displays his cunning characteristic when he tells Polyphemus that his name is "Nobody." Odysseus tells Polyphemus this to get the Cyclops to say "Nobody" is attacking him when the other Cyclopes come to Polyphemus's aide.

"My name is Nobody [Odysseus stated]. Nobody, my father, mother, and friends call me."

Odysseus is also extremely brave. For instance, when he and his crew entered Polyphemus's cave, his crew wanted to take some food and leave. However, Odysseus wanted to stay and actually witness the Cyclops himself.

"At first my men begged me to take some cheeses and go, then drive the lambs and kids from the pens down to the swift ship and set sail. But I would not listen, though it would have been best, wishing to see the giant himself, and test his hospitality."

One of his most important traits that define him as a hero is his inspirational attitude towards his men. When they are finally making their escape from Polyphemus, Odysseus heats a six-foot stake and helps his crew build up the courage to thrust it into the Cyclops's eye.

"Then I thrust the stake into the depth of the ashes to heat it, and inspired my men with encouraging words, so none would hang back from fear."

In conclusion, Odysseus is a man that exudes cunningness, bravery, and inspiration. These character traits help him survive throughout the many challenges during his quest to return home. Odysseus is very much defined as a hero for these three reasons.

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