2nd Quarter ELA Update

January 22, 2015 - ELA Quarterly Newsletter, Vol. 2

Let's get ready for a TERRIFIC 3rd Nine Weeks!

Has anyone started the countdown to Spring Break yet? :-)

2nd Nine Weeks Feedback Form

Now that we have half of the school year completed, it is (once again) time to reflect as we prepare for the new grading period. Below is a link to provide feedback and recommendations on the curriculum, PLC meetings, assessments from the 2nd Nine Weeks.
Lesson Plan Rotation Schedule

The following link will lead you to the lesson plan rotation schedule designed for this grading period. After Practice STAAR (February 23), the TEKS will be added for weeks 6-9.


When reviewing previous TEKS, we must present instruction in a manner that they have not seen before. When bringing lessons, please keep in mind all of the activities and materials that we have used in previous weeks.

Looking for information on literature circles?

SAVE THE DATE - January 28th!

The second round of ELA Extended Day will begin Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Who's eligible to stay?

Students will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Failed 2nd 9 Week District Reading Assessment (cumulative assessment)
  2. Scored below 72 for semester average

** I will be providing a list of your students that meet the above listed criteria, and will meet with you regarding any questions or concerns.

I understand many of you have had parents ask about their child staying for Extended Day. A letter will be sent home to parents explaining the criteria for math, reading, and science tutorials.

READING STAFF DEVELOPMENT... Organizing a Literacy Binder - Make and Take!

Monday, Jan. 26th, 5pm

Aldine ISD Resource Center (room 103)

During this session, participants will create a literacy binder for organizing douments related to small group guided reading instruction.

WRITING STAFF DEVELOPMENT... Hands on Editing (at Gray Elementary School)

Wednesday, Feb. 4th, 4pm

700 West Road

Houston, TX

Development of Ideas

Participants will gain techniques for teaching development of ideas. The personal narrative should convey a good sense of why the experience was important to the writer, whereas the expository essay should demonstrate the writer’s thorough understanding of the writing task.

Other staff development opportunities...

Please refer to ePortal for additional professional development opportunities. Sessions include:

  • Leads and Conclusions
  • Hands on Revision
  • Plot Structure for Readers and Writers