The Raven Flyer

June 1, 2015

Be the One...Ambassador!

It's a Raven Thing!

Be the One ! The BISD Way!

Lunch Duty

Lunch Duty will need to be covered by grade level teachers for the remainder of the year. Please plan for coverage on Monday, June 1, 2015.

Lunch Plan for Wednesday, June 3

Due to kindergarten and fifth grade promotion ceremonies, all classes will eat in their classrooms on Wednesday, June 3. Come through the serving line at your regularly scheduled time and return to your room with your trays.

K-2 Teachers-Primary Reading Success Plan (PRSP) and Grade Placement Committee (GPC) Meetings

At this point, all students requiring a GPC should be entered on the doc. If not, see Karen Morgan.

We will conduct a GPC meeting for each student not meeting the PRSP. Amanda Godfrey will add the GPC form for the students on the list. Karen Morgan will schedule the GPC meetings and contact the parent informing them of the date and time.

3-5 Teachers-GPC Needed due to Failing Grades

Please complete the doc to indicate which students will not meet the promotion criteria based on their grades. We will conduct a GPC meeting for each student not meeting the promotion criteria. Amanda Godfrey will add the GPC form for the students on the list. Karen Morgan will schedule the GPC meetings and contact the parent informing them of the date and time.

Group Pictures for the Yearbook will be taken at 2:00 on Tuesday, June 2 in the cafe.


Spelling Bee

Recycle Club

Student Council

Running Club

Safety Patrol

Geography Bee


Person of Character

Houston Working on the Work-WOW Design Team

Lesa Jagielski

Kyndall Stotts

Amanda May

Cathleen Carney

Julie Jenn

Amy Marshall

Shawn Jenson

Maegan Bearden

Kerri Rothell

Amanda Godfrey

Holly Havemann

This team will attend a Designing Engaging Work conference on June 10-11 in Colleyville, Texas. During 2015-2016, our journey will be supported by the Schlechty Center.

Personnel Update

Officially, as of today, the following teachers are saying good-bye to Sam Houston at the end of this school year to embark upon another piece of their life journey.

Amanda Greathouse

Courtney Kosh

Heather Lambert

Nicole McMillian

Brenda Marino

Amy Van Etten

Missy Martinez

Joining our Team...

Shannon Freidel (Amy Marshall's former student teacher and current sub)

Sandy Siratt

Note this change...Jennifer Ferguson ( currently a SPED teacher from Jones) interviewed for the position of ARD Facilitator and was selected, so we are back to square one with needing a resource teacher.

We are projected to have the following sections for next year:

Kinder 3 sections

Grade 1 4 sections

Grade 2 3 sections

Grade 3 4 sections

Grade 4 3 sections

Grade 5 4 sections

​We have the following positions posted:

K-5 Teacher-1 position

Gr. 5 Math-1 position

READY Teacher

Resource/CM Teacher


Turn in your attendance notes to Ms. Godfrey by 8:05. Every parent of every student is called by Ms. Godfrey or Mrs. Sykes to try to boost our attendance.

CKH and Conscious Discipline

Teacher-“My job is to keep you safe!”

Student- “My job is to help keep it that way!”

Special Education/504

Please bring your binder to the ARD/504 meetings. Remember that the binder is the best place to file examples of modified work for documentation and helps us to make informed decisions about needed accommodations/modifications. Within a school day, new IEP’s, modifications/accommodations etc. will be provided to you and they should filed in your binder. If you do not receive them, contact the student’s case manager.

Dress Code-Classroom teachers are the first line of defense!

Are you setting a good example?

As a reminder, if you wear leggings or tights to work, your shirt or dress must be to your knee or longer.

Students should be sent to the office by 8:15 a.m.

I Can Statements

Don't forget to post I can statements on work posted in hallway. Remember that the work posted in the hallway should be each student's best work. Proud of you for making use of our wall real estate!

Food for thought...Are the I can statements and work posted in the hallways an illustration and reflection of the RIGOR in your classroom assignments? If not, make this a goal!

Content objectives should be displayed in student friendly language (I can) on board, chart or wall and be visible to the student. The content being taught should match a posted I can statement. Language objectives should begin with I will and be aligned to the instruction. I will statements are beneficial, not only for ELL students, but for under-resourced learners, as well.


Being on time for duty is critical to the safety of our children!

See Houston Faculty Calendar for DATES TO REMEMBER and UPCOMING MEETINGS… See personal calendars for ARD’s and 504’s.

Please refer to the Houston Faculty calendar and your personal calendar daily/weekly as a reference!

Affirmations and Birthdays!

Happy Birthday...

No birthdays this week!

Thank you for all you are each doing to help our students finish strong.

Always want to know if someone deserves an affirmation...Send them my way and I'll include them in the weekly message.