Sony VR

By Jack Moffitt

What is Sony VR?

Sony VR is a PlayStation VR virtual reality gaming head-mounted display developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, and manufactured by Sony Corporation. It is designed to be functional with the PlayStation 4 video game system.

What does Sony VR do?

Sony VR involves you wearing a headset that is compatible to the PlayStation. What it does is puts you into the game or can bring the game to you. When you go into the game you can basically do anything. You can go anywhere you want with no restriction. All those areas that stop you from going any further are not a problem. Now when the game comes to you it makes it feel like its actually there. What the headset does is makes the game smaller and larger. An example is Minecraft. When the does this you will see villages, plains, and mountains everywhere. a village might be on a table or a mountain might be placed on the couch. Every time you do this the outcome is different.

A Sony VR Headset

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Release Date and Specs

The release date for this product is 2016. This just after HTC Vive is released. The headsets is 5.7 inch 1081ph OLED display, 100 degree, 120Hz rate Virtual reality headset. It can be connected to PC or Playstation, but manly it only works on a PlayStation 4.