Where is Middle Earth?


Introduction to Transylvania

Transylvania is located in Romania where about 89% of the population speaks Romanian. Their unique religion is based on their location and historical legacy and has been influenced by Oriental parts and Slavic countries. The Romanians believe that if a dead body refuses to decay then the corpse is a vampire that shall haunt the living. They believe that drinking a victim's blood is not necessary to infect them, a touch or stare is enough. The Romanians also enjoy celebrating holidays especially Easter and Christmas. Romania is also a society where age and position is respected. Family is also considered the foundation of social structure where the father is the head of the family.
In Transylvania there are many flower filled meadows. There also valleys in the Carpathian Mountains in the middle of the country. Sunny tablelands, alpine mountain ranges, savage, steep rocks with jagged canyons, huge waterfalls, and fortified cities with their broadly visible church towers as well as some small forests.

Still not convinced?

Transylvania has many hills, mountains, and plains as well as small meadows that are spread almost symmetrical to the Carpathian Mountains. This mountain reaches an altitude of 2,400 meters and ranges over 1000 meters in the centre of the country. The mountain has woods surrounding its base and has mall areas of grassland where some farmers live. Usually in these meadows, there are lots of flowers that were planted by the farmers living there. These areas tend to be more rural. At the beginning of Bilbo's and the dwarves' journey to the Misty Mountains their journey starts out easier when they are passing by through the country with some small inns. The journey soon becomes more difficult when they leave civilization and start trekking into the woods with some really scary looking castles. Transylvania has a similar layout because it has some rural lands that are still occupied by people that son lead up to small woods. There are also many castles that lie at the foot of some small forests such as Peles Castle and Dracula's Castle which also has a view of the mountain. Also Gandalf says in the Hobbit that there are many passageways in the Misty Mountains. The Carapathian Mountains also has a few passageways that goes under the mountain and have been dug by ancient primitive tribes. A few of them lead to caves where Biblo could have his riddle game with Gollum. Not only that but there are countless meadows where the Hobbit Holes could have been with rolling hills and really pretty bunches of flowers and bright green grass which really sounds like a great place for the Bilbo's hobbit hole to be located in. Overall there are many unique landforms in Transylvania that sound a lot like what J.R.R. Tolkien's spin of what Middle Earth is.

Middle Earth=Transylvania

Wait there's more.....

Many people might say "Transylvania is DEFINITELY not where Middle Earth is. I mean come on it is obviously in SWITZERLAND!!" I however disagree because according to many descriptions of Middle Earth,there are some dark and dreary places spotted here and there. But in Switzerland everything is all bright and happy looking and sometimes the scenes in the Middle Earth are not going to fit into that environment such as the beginning of the journey to the Misty Mountains or in the Battle of Five Armies. You also don't think that a bright happy sun is to be apart of a scene that has a dragon shooting fire at civilians. However, in Transylvania there is a perfect balance between bright and happy areas and dark and dreary places as well. Also in Switzerland the areas there are mostly rural, however in the Hobbit, there are some areas that are described as a more suburban feel with nice little houses. This is quite evident when J.R.R. Tolkien is at the exposition of the Hobbit and is talking about Bilbo's current lifestyle. In many parts in Transylvania there are some suburban areas that have the charm of where Bilbo lives. A few of you might also think that Ireladn is where Middle Earth is located. However, in Ireland, there are not many large mountains there. There are a few small ones, but the are more Iike cliffs rather than a mountain. Also the transitions of some different landscapes isn't very much like in the Hobbit, there aren't many woods her mountains and of there are they are described more as a clump of trees. However in Transylvanian mountains there are large expanses of wooded land around them. Also in Ireland there is basically only a large expanse of green space and grass. That is a very boring place for such an exciting book. Transylvania is the most obvious location for Middle Earth because of its unique landforms and similarities to the written descriptions of Middle Earth.

In Conclusion....

In conclusion, Transylvania is the location of Middle Earth because of its countless similarities to the written descriptions of it such as the Hobbit. It has many unique landforms that truly make this place a great place to visit. Although many other people might believe that there is another location out there that resembles Middle Earth more, I firmly believe that the environment and the natural feeling you get from the beauty there is truly what makes it similar to Middle Earth. Not only that it has many different modes reflected off of its unique enviornemnt and landforms. It has bright and happy spots as well sad and menacing places (there are also creepy castles). Along with its diverse culture, myths about the Dracula, and mysterious castles, you really see the natural beauty there that has been there for thousands of years and has barely changed since then.
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